Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Moving to a big boy bed!

Wyatt is moving to a big boy bed.  
He is so excited.  It has been a long time coming!
He has watched me make the quilt for his new bed and
waited somewhat impatiently to have it be his own!

This is the back of the quilt.  I wanted to use up fabrics
from the front and also ones that matched the colorway.
I have been trying to do that the last few quilts hoping to use up a lot of my
leftover fabrics.
My stash consists of pieces, not so big, left over from other quilts.
I rarely go out and buy fabric just to be buying fabric........
even tho I would love to be able to do that!

This is the front of his quilt.
It is a Buggy Barn pattern, which I love.  I also
used all stash fabrics for it too.
I had thought I would use wool fabrics for the muzzle, nose, and bone.
However, when I priced the wool, it would cost me about
$50 just for that part!  That was way too much
too spend on a quilt that would be washed often......very often.
I think it is cute just using cotton fabrics.  
I used Bee in My Bonnet, Lori Holt's, method of applique.
That way it is ironed down and machine appliqued also
so it should be pretty well attached.
The quilting is dog paws and looks really cute.

As you can see it turned out pretty big.  I'm not sure he is
big enough or strong enough to pull it up and make his bed.
He said that was o.k. cuz he didn't like to make his bed anyway!

This quilt was so much fun to make.

Happy Quilting!                      Lynda

Friday, November 22, 2019

Missionary Christmas Stocking

Had to make a Missionary Christmas Stocking
for Elder Spencer Demers.

His Mom will fill it with goodies and make sure he gets it when he arrives in Florida.
We'll be making waffle cookies for him tomorrow to deliver to the MTC.

So much fun having a Missionary in the family again!!

Happy Quilting!                      Lynda

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Random Postings

I haven't posted for awhile.  Seems I can never remember how to find my pictures to post them!

Here is a picture of my Grandson, Spencer, receiving his graduation quilt in Arkansas.
He of course loved it and started using it that very day.
( We took him to the Missionary Training Center today.  He will be serving in the
Florida Tampa Mission.  He was so excited and a little nervous.  I am so excited for
him and can't wait to hear of all his new experiences!)

A few months ago I posted my Granddaughter, Ellie, with a St. Patrick's Day wreath we had made.
For Easter, my Grandson, Gavin, came over and we made a wreath together.  Never got around to posting it so here it is now.  The wind would blow and the Easter grass kept blowing away.
We had a good time gluing all the plastic eggs onto the wire tho.

My friend, Janine, wanted to take a class on making a Swoon quilt.
She convinced me I needed to go with her.  We each made one block for the quilt.
The teacher was very disorganized and kept jumping around with the
instructions.  We put the blocks away and waited 3 or 4 years before she decided
to finish the quilt.  It took us 3 different days working together to finish the blocks.
It turned out so pretty.  She used red Minkie  on the back.  She has decided that
this one is for her!

My Grandson, Wyatt, is 4 years old now and has grown out of his small bed..  
is getting a twin sized bed and needed a new quilt to fit the bed.
He wanted me to make him a puppy dog quilt.
I love Buggy Barn quilt patterns.  This is the start of his quilt.
I love all the scrap fabrics for each dog.
Since this picture I have added the dog houses and button eyes.
The quilter used a dog paw pattern for the quilting.
It turned out really cute.
I need to give it to him this next week so I'll have pictures them.
He was very excited to finally be getting a puppy.  
Of course, he really wants a live, soft, bouncy puppy but this will have to do for now.

  • Happy Quilting!                     Lynda

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Quilts for Graduating Grandchildren

Graduation time again.
This year I have 2 grandchildren graduating from
High School
Spencer in Arkansas.
Kennedy in California.

Our Grandson, Spencer, will be graduating in May in Arkansas.  
I decided to make him a Mountain Majesties Quilt.
This is the back of the quilt.  I took leftovers from the front
and made a couple rows on the back.  
Then I gathered bits and pieces of front fabrics,
sewed them together like a Mile a Minute quilt,
until I had the completed back.
I really love Fall colors so this is one of 
my very favorite quilts.

This is the front of the quilt.
When Spencer was younger and they would come for a visit,
Spencer would always ask his Mom to drop him off
in the mountains and let him survive for 3 days
with just a sleeping bag and a knife.
She always said NO but he kept asking.

Another view of front and back together.

I have a Granddaughter, Kennedy, in California who will be graduating also.
She is a vibrant young woman.
These fabrics seem to represent her happy spirit very well.

This is my Granddaughter, Ellie.  She is 8 years old.
When she spends the night at Grandma's house she always
likes to have a project to do.
This time it was a few weeks before St. Patrick's Day
so we made a wreath for their door.
We found green feather boas at the Dollar Store that
she weaved onto a wire wreath frame.  Then
she glued gold coins and shamrocks around the circle.
Topped it off with a big bow and bells
hanging down the center.
We loved it!
And so did her Mom!
And there were stray green feathers floating around my house
after we were done.  
We had lots of fun making it.

Happy Quilting!                        Lynda

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Yep........I'm keeping busy!

My Granddaughter, Ellie, turned 8 years old.  
She wanted a Build a Bear.
Off we went and an hour later we had a cute little bear
and a happy little girl!
We made matching pajamas for them both.
A month and a half later I took my Grandson, Gavin,
but I forgot to take a picture of his blue pajamas.

In my sewing room ongoing cleaning out I found a cute baby panel.
Took it to the quilter (no I don't hand quilt any more!)
Now it is ready for a Great Nephew being born in November.

Aren't the animals just so cute!

A couple more views.

Orange polka dot binding................perfect.

 I got together with a friend who wanted to make zipper pouches.
She ended up making about 2 dozen of them.  
I settled for 3 so far.
They are quite addictive tho!

This is what I am finishing up right now.
Another Grandson is graduating from high school in Arkansas in May.
When they come for visits to Utah he always asks his Mom to drop
him off up in the mountains with just a knife and a sleeping bag
and see if he could survive on his own for 3 days.
He loves our mountains.
Luckily, she never caved in and let him try it.
I thought a Mountains Majesty quilt would suit him fine.
I used all Autumn scrap fabrics and even used up a ton
of scraps for the back.  Right now I'm adding the
striped binding.  More pictures on this one later.

I delivered 5 big bags of fabric and UFO's to a quilter in our area who has a whole group of women who sew for her.  They make quilts, backpacks, toys and stuffed animals for several different humanitarian projects.  She had a bedroom full of finished things and a kitchen full of partially finished things ready to deliver.  She did say that all the stuff in her home right now will be delivered before the end of the year.  She had several thank you notes from fireman, policeman, agencies, life fight, etc.that they had delivered donations.  I felt that it was a worthy organization to donate my extra fabrics and UFO's.  

Happy Quilting!                                Lynda

Friday, July 27, 2018

So not this year!

I got this far and quit!  Yep, I quit!
Just didn't like the way it was going together. 
The white fabric that had to be folded over the 4 patch
seemed to pull and buckle and give me fits.
I was just getting frustrated
and so I

But since then I have pulled it back out.
No hurry this time.
And now I have each of the rows complete.
I even have a few rows sewn together.
It is a slow process since I have to sew and fold and sew and fold.
It certainly isn't my favorite quilt
but it is getting closer to being a finished quilt.
Who knows, maybe it will be done for next year!

Happy Quilting! (or at least it should be)           Lynda

Monday, June 11, 2018

Patriotic quilt.............may even be ready by the 4th of July!

Trying to use up some red and blue fabrics.
2 patches being sewn into 4 patches.
10 inch white circles cut and marked.

Still need to cut batting squares but that will be quick.

This will be a circle quilt where I will sew the white circles together
on the pencil lines.  When I get a row, then I add
the 4 patches and sew the white circle edge down to
hold the 4 patch in place.  

I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time.
Hope it goes together as easy as I think it will.

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda