Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We spent the weekend in Logan with our daughter, Nicky and her family. We just love this little girl. It is so fun to have a baby around again. This was after Church on Sunday...she and her Daddywere building a fort out of the couch cushions. more picture, Grandma???

I was visiting Pokey's blog and she had these cute string hearts so I thought I needed to make some too. After all, I have all these strips cut out and trying to figure out what to do with them all. I have all the left sides of the blocks done but only 1 right side so far. They certainly go together easily and I think they will make a cute little quilt for a baby. are all the fabrics for the Kaleidoscope quilt I've been talking about. I know, the fabrics don't seem to jive together but according to Ricky Tims that just makes for a more interesting quilt.

Here I've divided them up into sets: 5 sets with 6 strips each. I made 2 identical of each set.
Started sewing them together. Don't know if you can tell that I started out making each set coordinate. By the 3rd set I was just throwing whatever strip I felt like. Now I need to draw the pattern on freezer paper, marking every seam etc. and cut out each pattern piece. I am so excited but I'm having company this weekend so I won't get around to sewing on it until next week!

Oh this is a fun one! Happy Quilting. Lynda

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I should never have a day off!

I told Dr. M that I shouldn't have any more days off.....because....I go fabric shopping. But I saw this fabric called Petal Pushers by Pearl Louise Krush designs and couldn't pass it up. There were 11 coordinating fabrics in the line but I kept myself to just 4. I'm going to make a star block quilt from them. Aren't they just lucious! My friend, Janine, bought all 11 fabrics. Now we have to figure out what she'll make using them all. I have been sewing also. Finished all the Pinwheel blocks and put the top together. I ended up using less blocks than I had originally planned but now I have enough Pinwheels left over to make a baby quilt too. I think I'll put a small border of light orange 30's fabric and then a wider lavendar border out of 30's fabric too. I really love this one.
Also made a few more Tag Alongs. Suzanne from my Bee gave me some Minke scraps and I just happened to have a busy kittie fabric that matched the bright pink and a cute little bunny fabric to match the circles Minke.

I mentioned that I wanted to make a quilt from Ricky Tims Kool Kaleidoscope quilts book. I started buying fabrics for it. I know, I know....they certainly don't look like they go together. But after studying his method I followed his tips about what fabrics to use. Basically....ANY as long as there is contrast. I still need to get a few mottled fabrics to add to these to give your eye somewhere to rest. I'm getting quite excited to start the process and my Bee wants to see how all these fabrics can actually look good together. (Sure hope I don't disappoint them.)

That's it for now. Happy Quilting! Lynda