Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some time in my sewing room.....finally!

But first.....some cake pops. If you haven't tried making cake pops yet they are so much fun to do. You start with a cake mix and make as directed. Let cool overnight if you have time. Crumble quite fine and add about 2/3 of a can of frosting. Lots of mixing here to get it all incorporated. Roll into small balls and refrigerate til rather firm. Dip stick in melted chocolate, push into ball, cool in fridge again. Then dip cake ball into melted chocolate and tap lightly to remove excess chocolate. These are made with a strawberry cake mix and cream cheese frosting with a handfull of miniature chocolate chips added to look like seeds. Dipped first into white chocolate and then into green chocolate. When you bite into them......they look like watermelon! Cute huh?

Now down to the sewing room. 35 blocks made several weeks ago are now getting the first of red polka dot sashing. Gotta love that chain sewing!

Blocks turned into pairs and pairs turned into rows.

7 rows ready for horizontal sashing. Ooops....forgot the sashing on the right end.

This week I should get all the rows and sashing complete and ready for the 2 borders. Feels so good!!

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Border on!

Not much sewing going on around here the past month. Lots of company, long hours at work... but that isn't the only reason. I just haven't had the desire to head down to he sewing room when it is so nice outside. However, I did finally get the border on this twister quilt. My goal this month is to get backs made for a few quilts that I have ready so I can get them to the quilter! I love a FINISHED quilt!!!

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Friday, July 22, 2011

No Time fo Quilting This Week!

I had my daughter from Illinois and her 4 kids and my daughter and her husband and little girl from Logan here for a few days. We had a great time! Here I am (where did that gray hair come from???) with 2 of my grandsons making peanut butter covered pinecones to feed the birds this winter. It was a gooey mess but we have about 25 cones covered and ready for the birds.

There were lots of hugs.
Miniature golf.

Rousing games of kickball in the front yard.

Swimming at the city pool.

My son in law lifting 2 of my grandsons up out of the water and tossing them up in the air. I think he found out they are getting pretty big for that.

It was 98 degrees for a few days so youngest granddaughter enjoyed the sprinkler.

The girls decided we all needed sparkly toes. A couple grandsons thought it was fun to watch. (Although the youngest grandson in the red shirt thought purple sparkly toes would be least for awhile!)

Now they have all gone home and my house is so quiet...and boring...and lonesome. Of course, this weekend another daughter is coming into town and we may just have to drive up to Logan to spend some time with my youngest daughter and her family again. Sure do love family visits!!

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lavender Festival

I have a great friend, Janine, who lets me drag her places all the time. We drove to Mona, about 30minutes away, on a very hot day to "experience" the Lavender Festival. The farm is a beautiful place with well maniured gardens and lawns and ponds and streams with this amazing lavender smell every place you walk. What a nice couple of "flower head people" greeted us at the start of our tour.

Beautiful flowers, herbs and waterfalls.

The herb garden covered a large area with paths to walk through and signs telling what herbs we were seeing.

There were tents where you could make a lavender wreath, lavender wand for the young children or lavender bees wax candles. Have I mentioned how wonderful the place smelled?? There were also people giving lavender foot massages, or selling lavender ice cream, or making lavender wax hands. They sold every kind of essential oil in the shop too.

Paddle boats in a beautiful pond surrounded by lavender.

A small lavender field that we could cut our own lavender to take home. The smell of the whole farm was amazing. This was just a small cutting field for visitors. There are acres of lavender in fields all around.

Wonderful stream flowing through lush grassy areas. Even the benches were lavender.

Lavender fairies who carried around wishing dust. They would give children some in their hands, tell them to make a wish and then throw the dust in the air.

Horse drawn buggy rides, pony rides and a fun little town and play area for the children too.

It was a beautiful place. I'm glad I have such a good friend who will go to these events with me.

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Friday, July 8, 2011

Binding done.....check!

Just so you know I haven't been completely idle this summer I finally got the binding on this quilt. Lately black, white and red have just been so appealing to me. I love the way the red bounces off the quilt when paired with black and white. I used flannel on the back again. That is my favorite now so the quilt is nice and warm and cuddly. Of course, right now warm and cuddly aren't so necessary with the 95 degree weather we are having but I know in too short a time it will be cold and windy and snowy again and then "someone" will really enjoy the warmth of the flannel.

Summer is the busiest time at work for me. I work for an oral surgeon and it seems everyone wants their wisdom teeth out or jaw surgery during school breaks so we sometimes work very long hours. That does cut into my sewing time. I do have several projects in various degrees of progress waiting for me tho just calling for me to get back to them.

Happy Quilting! Lynda