Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally.........Starting something new

 My youngest daughter, Nicky, made this cute Olaf (from Frozen) towel for her kids to use.  
 I have finally started a new quilt!  I fell in love with the fabrics and found a Dresden pattern I wanted to use from "Bee in my Bonnet" blog.  Laurie Holt has a few books and patterns and they are all fantastic.  The pieces go from these cute little wedges.............
 To long strips of sewn wedges waiting to be cut apart, opened up, turned right side out and pressed to make............................
 These wonderful petals !
Then when sewn together they turn into the most beautiful flower.  The center will be red with white polka dots.  They get sewn onto a 12 inch white background.  I've been trying to enjoy the process more and not rush through so fast just to get it done.  This one is for a graduate next year.  Last year I made 5 quilts for graduates, this year NONE.  Looks like only 1 for next year.  I do love making quilts and then giving them away (even tho I want to keep every one of them!)

Happy Quilting!                              Lynda