Friday, November 25, 2011

Back in the sewing room.......finally

I've been wanting to make a zipper bag for quite some time but was a little leary because I really don't like to sew in zippers. But I was really surprised how easy it was. Much easier than putting one in the back of a dress. The patten for this was off the internet and it wasn't lined, just used iron on interfacing. Next time I'll line it for sure since I now know how easy it is now.

I call this a "free" quilt since everything I used was in my small stash. Several months ago I cut strips from fabrics and started trying to use them in baby quilts. This one is just 8 inch squares with a tiny white sashing. The pink polka dot flannel for the back was even left over from a larger quilt. Would you believe I even machine quilted it myself AND sewed the binding by machine too. Now it's ready for the next little baby girl born in our neighborhood.

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A little of this.....a little of that

The other day my boss, Dr. McBee, needed to borrow my car. He rides his bike to the office quite often and he forgot he was taking another doctor out to lunch. We figured he wouldn't want to ride on the handlebars. So...............After taking lots of picture of Ellie during our visit this week....this is what I found...............
wait for it..........


I know..................funny guy.

I gave this quilt to a young man in my neighborood named Harrison. He is such a quiet young man but is such a strong, gospel centered young man too. Whenever I give a quilt to someone I tell them why I picked the colors and the pattern. I figured the creams were indicitive of his calm and quiet nature and the red depicts his strong love for our Savior. You can see by the smile on his face that he was happy to get a nice warm quilt since it is cold outside.

We went to visit our daughter and her family this week....again. Luckily her husband doesn't get tired of our visits.....yet. Ellie's favorite place to play is the bottom step. She carried this bag around most of the day filling it with her toys and taking them out to line them up on the step.

Here she is digging to the very bottom to get everything out.

She is at that age where she wants to try everyones shoes on. When I got ready to leave I found cheerios and toys in my shoes.

We brought these cute pink furry feet slippers for her. The toes are painted with bright pink polish.

We found this gyro bowl for her. It is amazing. It really doesn't spill no matter how she carries it. However, she likes to take all the cheerios out and line them up.

She has discovered her tongue. She was probably making raspberries (that's what we call it) with her grandpa.

Here she is reading a pop-up book with Grandpa.

Maybe this week I'll get back into my sewing room.

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Retreat

Suzanne, our Quilt Retreat Hostess, always has a gift for each of us. This is a bag filled with buttons, a covered notebook (that she made) and a chocolate bar wrapped and ribboned. The sticker says, "So much CHOCOLATE, so little time".

This is a quilt I took to take the binding off of. I used the backing fabric for the binding and didn't like the way it looked on the front with the rich fabrics. However, the vote after folding it over and seeing how it would look, was to keep it and save me the trouble of all that ripping out. I'll be working on that tonight.

This is what I worked on. You can see the baseball quilt and the bag of applique that I was sure I would have time for also. I love this quilt and I'm sure the young man I am giving it to will love it too. Funny how I didn't notice until I looked at the picture that most of the light reds are on one side!

I do enjoy getting together with other quilters spending the day working on projects, seeing what others are doing, laughing, talking and eating. Thank you again, Suzanne, for sharing your home with us.

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Friday, November 4, 2011

Retreat was a real treat!

Myrna's quilt top that she worked on all day. Then she started the borders.....oodles of 2inch squares sewn together.

These pumpkins greet us every year on our climb up the stairs to Suzanne's quilting room. AND every year I say I'm going to make some of those next year!!!

Maybell showing a darling 4 patch and square in a square baby quilt. She also had a beautiful quilt in blue with the most amazing back (no I neglected to get a picture) :(

Claudia, Nancy and Alice busily working on projects.

Claudia with a cut finger still managing to make a big dent in her projects. She finished the vest she is wearing. Judy and Alice sewing and laughing in the back.

Suzanne, showing off her striped socks was binding a quilt and Dee was working on applique.

Myrna admiring Patti's Dresden Plate.

And of ourse.....there is always delicious food.

Alice and Judy taking a break from their projects to admire Dee's applique. This is the 2nd panel of 3 that will go into a quilt. Dee and Suzanne are champion appliquers. I brought some to work on so they could help me learn.....but never got around to doing any of it. I spent the whole time binding 1 quilt!

Dee explaining how "easy" it is to applique.

Nancy sharing the quilt top she finished.

And a couple of quilters spent a long time helping Nancy arrange and rearrange her Sampler quilt blocks.

A big thank you to Suzanne for sharing her home with us a couple of times a year for quilt retreats. She has quilts hanging everywhere and on every bed and couch.

Would you believe I didn't even take a picture of the quilt I was binding! Tomorrow I'll show you the finished quilt.

Now I just want to lie down and take a rest.

Happy Quilting! Lynda

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gobble Gobble & Candy Corn Dress

We took a drive to Logan again on Wednesday to spend some time with our granddaughter, Ellie. My daughter had a couple of projects for us to work on. Above is a cute little Turkey shirt. She finished it after we left.
She had a picture of this candy corn dress. It took us about an hour to figure out how to make it without instructions and to make it. It was quite easy and went together quickly but it is always nice to have two heads working on figuring it out.
Tomorrow I am going to a quilt retreat. It started today but I couldn't get the day off of work. I have prepared a couple of quilts to bind and am finally going to work on some hand applique on a project I started at least 2 years ago called Antitude. One of my quilting friends showed me how she appliques and it makes it look a lot easier than what I have been trying before. I'll take pictures and share them later.

Happy Quiltng! Lynda