Friday, November 22, 2013

Really.......3 months!

 Can't believe I haven't posted for 3 months!  Also can't remember if I've already shown these 2 baby items.  I've had this Disappearing 4 Patch done for ever but finally got the binding on.  Love the candy cane stripes.
 I love making these simple receiving blankets for new babies.  Found this fun Cat in the Hat fabric and had to make one for a new baby boy in our neighborhood.
 This is one of the reasons I make make forts.  Don't you love the mix of toys: a doll for Ellie and football for Gavin.  Most of the time these 2 really play well together.  Other times Gavin's boyness really comes out and he wants a wrestling match.
 Another receiving blanket for a little girl great niece.  Also made a tag-a-long for her.
A friend's daughter is getting married in December.  I heard she really wanted red for the bedroom.  Luckily I had all the fabrics to make another Twister quilt.  I really liked the Chevron backing I found.    The quilting is done in red thread and looks amazing.  She really, really loved her new quilt.

I actually have another baby quilt in the making on my design wall right now.  My niece just had her 4th little boy.....oldest 1 is in Kindergarten this year!  I'm putting together a simple blue, green and gray quilt and may even try machine quilting it myself this time.

Happy Quilting!                Lynda

Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Quilt Show

 A few applique quilts.  I do love them but I seldom do hand applique.  Very frustrating for me!

 I really like the border on this Log Cabin.
 This quilt had so much movement with the diamond shapes.
 The border flowers on this beauty were amazing.
 I made one of these several years ago using Civil War fabrics.
 My granddaughter liked this one.  She wanted a dress like this.
 This quilt was awesome in person.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

That's all of the quilt show for this year.  I always enjoy seeing what other quilters make and always appreciate the amount of work that goes into their creations.

Happy Quilting!                       Lynda

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Utah Valley Annual Quilt Show

Here are a few quilts from the Annual Utah Valley Quilt Show in Springville.  My DD3 and I have attended this show almost every year to get inspiration and new ideas for quilts of our own.  

 I love black and white quilts.  I have a lot of black and white fabric left over from previous quilts and I thought this one would really be a way to use up some of the scraps.  String quilt.  Love it!
 This is such a precious little quilt for a grandbaby.  I love the way she has free hand cut the fence border.
 I've always loved the way applique adds to a quilt........I've just never been good at that so very few of my quilts have applique additions.
 Really loved the curvy border on this one.
 This one was all sewn with raw edges.  Very striking in person.
 I really loved this pineapple quilt.  The colors, the quilting, the corners.....all of it!
 Here's a little close up.
 A couple more applique.

 Aren't these flowers amazing.
This fish quilt had interesting sashing......all crocheted to look like water.

More pictures tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!                          Lynda

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fun with the Family

 My 3 daughters were all here for a couple of weeks so we decided we needed some fun projects to keep the kids busy.  Here some of them are making designs with beads in pie plates.  After many mess ups and repositionings, each grandchild was happy with their creation.  We baked them in the oven until they were slightly melted and stuck together.  The house smelled like burning plastic but we got some great little ornaments to hang outside. final pictures.  I'll have to get busy and add them later.
 Then, on Pinterest, we read about making sugar crystal candy.  We mixed and heated the sugar water and then added different colors to each jar, slipped in a skewer, and let them sit for several days.  They actually made fun little sugar candy.....eventually. pictures!
 Then we spent one evening making tie dyed shirts for everyone to wear on the 4th of July.  It was lots of fun and the kids really were surprised at how great they turned out.
 Then, what would the 4th of July be without homemade root beer.  We made a 5 gallon container of it.  We ended up sharing it with some neighbors.   5 gallons is a lot of root beer!
 Gavin has discovered Oreo cookies.  Can you tell he really enjoyed it?
Our garden is starting to produce.  Ellie loves going out every day and picking raspberries.  DD#3 and SIL have worked really hard on our little garden keeping the weeds out and harvesting produce.  We've also had lots of onions trying to thin them out so most of them get nice and big.  Our pumpkin is really growing too.  Ellie is looking forward to seeing the pumpkins appear from the big flowers.

More in the next couple of days ...... we went to a Quilt Show and a quick mini vacation.

Happy Quilting!                    Lynda

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Been gone so long......

 I finally finished the last of the 5 graduation quilts for this year.  This Chevron pattern was so easy.  I knew I wanted to use gray and yellow and the blue and orange came from one of the fabrics. I really love the brightness of this quilt.   I debated whether I was going to use white or black as the background but I'm really happy with the white.
 Linda, at Just Sew Quilt Shop, did the quilting.  It is very modern looking with the straight lines and boxes.
 I used a gray and yellow flannel for the back and a dark gray for the binding.
 Cole was very excited to get his quilt.  I gave his older brother one a couple of years ago so he knew it was coming and was so excited to see me come to the door.
 I finally put the binding on this Kaleidoscope quilt.  I really like the red and white striped binding.  For a long time I didn't like this quilt but I've had so many good comments on it that I think I appreciate it more now.  It really does look like you are looking through a kaleidoscope tube.
I thought the backing fabric was perfect utilizing many of the colors on the front.

A couple of weekends ago we went to St. George, Utah to see a dance recital of our granddaughter.  Our grandson, Taylor, is graduating from high school this year so I had made him a quilt too.  Here he is in the hotel room covered with his baseball quilt.  It was 88 degrees so he didn't really need a quilt.  

Here are 2 of our granddaughters getting to know each other.  Katie, in blue, has become quite an accomplished dancer now and we really enjoy her programs.  Ellie thinks she is the best.
Here Taylor is playing outside with Ellie.  She kept calling him her "good friend".

Happy Quilting!                      Lynda

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Josh and his graduation quilt

 You remember this picture......the start of my young friend, Josh's Twister quilt.
 It is now finished and bound.
 Here is how it looks now.
And here is Josh all smiles when he received the finished quilt.  I showed him a picture of the quilt before it was cut and sewn back together and he was amazed that I could get this gorgeous quilt from the humble beginnings.

Oh I love these young people in my neighborhood!

Happy Quilting!              Lynda

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I found this cute little heart shaped pincushion on the Moda Bakeshop (Moda Love Pincushion)...and decided I needed to make one.  It was really easy.  I used 1 triangle piece of fabric for the back and pieced the front triangle piece of fabric with diagonal strips. Their instructions have you making 2 at a time.  One for you and one for a friend!   Sewed it RST leaving a small opening to turn.  Stuffed with plastic pellets and batting.  Sewed the 2 ends together and tied a strip around it to make tails.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  (Don't tell Vreni at OopsLah but I added it to her giveaway winnings.  Hope she likes it!)

I've finished another quilt to give to a nice young man who lives across the street.  I'm giving it to him tomorrow so I'll post pictures then.

Happy Quilting!                   Lynda

Saturday, March 2, 2013

 Ahhhh!   2nd day of our retreat has come and gone.  Patty has made 30 (if I remember correctly) of these beautiful Dresden Plate blocks.  After she had them all together 1 fabric just yelled "WRONG" to her.  So while she was at retreat she was picking out the offensive one and sewing in another paler petal.  She says she has been working on this quilt for 3 years already and this alteration should take her awhile.  Then she wants to hand quilt it.  It will be a beauty.
 Marilyn was busy at work.  She had a joint replacement with a cast on her hand and she still was smiling and making lots of blocks.
 Dixie was working on some Blocks of the Month for Quilt Etc. fabric store Saturday get together.  This one turned out great.  Martha was busy doing hand work.
 Arlee had made a darling Santa for her front door and was now working on 6 more for her children for Christmas.  Nothing like a head start on gift giving!
 Ina finished her Sunflower Skinny.  She hand quilted it.   We went to a class together, along with Dixie, to Quilt Etc. a couple of years ago.  Her wall hangings are getting done and mine are still sitting in a box.
 Our hostess, Suzanne, behind the quilt, shared a cute little girl baby quilt she has been working on.  So cute.
 Dee, who does the most beautiful applique quilts, has been binding this quilt during the retreat.  Isn't it a beauty!
 Megan came to our retreat this morning full of energy and happiness and excitement just bubbling over to tell us all her great news.  It seems her friend  kept urging her to enter a quilt in the Paducah quilt show this year. So......on the very last day.......she gathered all the required information, pictures, CD etc. and sent it off.  She figured she would frame the "rejection" letter and satisfy her friend.   However.  She was selected to have her quilt hung in the show.  This is the back of the quilt.  Isn't it great!!  I love when people piece the back too and make an entirely different quilt.
 This is the amazing front of her quilt.  I know......AMAZING!!   I should have taken some close ups.  Her applique is wonderful.  The colors just pop on that black background.  Congratulations to Megan.
I had my fingers to the fabric and my nose to the feed dogs for 2 days and actually finished a quilt top.  I think it turned out great.  I was a little worried that some of the fabrics were a little too strong but I think it turned out perfect.  Now to press it, pull off all the strings, and get it to the quilter.  I've decided against any border.

We had so much fun, sewed until our backs ached, laughed, ate and shared.  I'm already looking forward to our next retreat.   Thanks to Suzanne for hosting these retreats for us a couple of times a year.

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda