Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another High School Graduate Quilt

 This young man, Tyler, is such a fun young man in our life.  He had to have a happy quilt since he is always so happy!  I made this "Bee" quilt for him.  It says "I Believe in Beeing  Happy, Dancing, Singing Loudly,  and Eating Cookies".  This describes him so well.
I guess it must be getting around the neighborhood that I make quilts for graduates that I have watched grow up because his younger brothers were just as excited as he was.  My husband said to one of the youngest brothers that maybe some day I would make a quilt for him too.
Under his breath, very softly, he said..................if you are still alive then!
We laughed all the way home.  Funny how "old" to him was way different than "old" to us seems.
Later that night we heard a loud knock at our front door.
I opened the door and found this great note and "high five" hands
taped to our front door.
Oh, there was a nice plate of brownies too but they disappeared quickly.

Happy Quilting!                               Lynda