Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I did at RETREAT

 On a shop hop with my Bee friends we saw a Shoo Fly Halloween quilt.  
I had all this leftover Halloween fabric, found a great white with lime green polka dot fabric for the background, and got these blocks done during the retreat.  HOWEVER, do you notice how bland and washed out the 2 bottom right blocks look?  Yea, me too.  So I will be making a couple more blocks and adding a border or 2.
Also, notice the tiny square in the upper left corner?  I think if I add little black connecting corner triangle to 
each corner of the blocks it will add a nice dimension to the top.
 This is the start of the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.  I got all 112 blocks done and started putting them into 4's.  This is only a few of them, just so you can see I was busy sewing and not just laughing and eating!
 I got a little carried away cutting tho.  I think there are probably 5 more quilts to be made from this pile.
And here I have loads of 3 inch and 2 1/2 inch blocks ready for a project or maybe more.

There you have it.....................2 days of fun!
Can't wait til the next one.
Thanks again, Suzanne, for a great retreat.

Happy Quilting!                         Lynda

Saturday, February 28, 2015

More good times!

 Another one of Leslie's Lori Holt patterns.  She is one busy woman!
 Martha brought a couple of small quilts.  We had a Bow Tie exchange this retreat.
Martha thought she would like to make one but in searching for quilts for Show and Tell
she noticed that she had already made one.  How many of us do that!
 We all loved this one.
 Last retreat Martha put together all the blocks for this Halloween Twister.
She was quite nervous to start the cutting and sewing but found it was much easier than she thought.
Didn't it turn out cute!
 This was an exchange from a past Bee exchange.  
 Dee brought a few quilts to share also.  This one is huge!  Do you notice the little papers pinned to some of the blocks?  Those are ones she is not quite happy with and wants to take them out and replace with others she has made.  Really?  It is gorgeous!
 A 30's quilt she finished a while back.  We loved this one too.l
 Our last retreat we had a fabric exchange for making this Bricks and Stepping Stones Quilt.
Suzanne brought hers to our last Bee meeting and Dee just has a couple more borders to add to hers.
Of course, after seeing theirs I wanted to make one too.  The last couple of weeks I cut and cut and cut fabrics ready to work on mine at this retreat.  
 These 2 quilts were made by Claudia.  The camping one she has had in her motor home.
 I think Alice made this beauty.  She says it was sooooo hard to make and she almost gave up several times but persevered and now has this lovely top. 
 Ina shared this patriotic small quilt and
 this really great red and white quilt.  She and her sisters work on a project every year.  This one has several red and white blocks and lots of embroidery.
 It looks like a mottled fabric was used for the background but it is white and since they are holding it in front of the window you can see the bold red fabric design from the backing. 
 We were greeted by Suzanne's cat every day.  
 Lunch is always wonderful and relaxing after sewing for so many hours each day.

 Liz brought some past exchanges also.  I made the mummy and the Boo blocks for this exchange.  
 A bit blurry on the hearts but it is hard to take a picture while stuffing food in my mouth.
 This is a string table runner that Liz made.

I'm heading down to my sewing room to iron my blocks that I worked on at the retreat.  I will take pictures of them so you can see I actually do accomplish things and not just walk around looking at everyone's projects and gabbing!

Thanks once again to Suzanne, our hostess, for setting these retreats up a couple of times a year and letting us come in and take over her home for a couple of days.   We always have a great time and get lots of inspiration for future projects and acclamation  on current projects.

Happy Quilting!                       Lynda

Friday, February 27, 2015

Where have I been the last 2 days, you ask?

 Our amazing Suzanne once again invited 18 of us over for a quilt retreat!
She is smart and always has bindings to work on.
That doesn't mean she doesn't get to carry several sewing machines up the stairs tho.
 Here Dee is busy working on the borders of a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt
she started at the last retreat.
 Leslie brought her machine, a couple of bags, a large suitcase and lots and lots of fabric.
She spent the whole 2 days cutting out fabric for 6 quilts from one of Lori Holt's books.
She and her daughters will have a few Tuesday night craft nights to work on them.
 Maybelle is busy working on a baby quilt for a future granddaughter.
 Nancy brought a kit to work on.  Didn't like the fabric quality and was thinking
of writing the company and asking how they felt in sending
such poor quality fabric out to customers!
 Claudia and Marilyn just starting.  Don't they look happy and ready for the day.
Most of us looked a little tired and sore by the end of the day.
2 More quilters ready to spend 2 days quilting with friends.
 Alice had the center of this quilt all done and was working on the border fans.
It is a beautiful quilt.
 Ina was trying to get out of the picture but I caught her anyway.
 Of course, what would a retreat be without goodies to munch on.  
Hey, who brought healthy snacks?
 Leslie, who loves Lori Holt patterns, had made a few quilts to share.
This one is the scissors and below is the dresses.
Don't you just love Lori's designs and fabric!

Guess that is all for today.  More tomorrow.  We laughed our way through 2 days.  Ended up with lots of started and a few completed projects.  Reminisced over past retreats, wandered through Suzanne's beautiful home where there are quilts on every bed and wished we could do this every week.  Not sure my back could take it but sure would like to try.

Happy Quilting!               Lynda

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wedding Quilt

I finished the Disappearing 9 Patch quilt for a gift for a great young couple.  I really love black, white and red together.  I found a black and white flannel for the back too.  I'm off to the party today.  Love it!!

Happy Quilting!                  Lynda

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Graduation quilt

Another High School graduation quilt delivery!  
This young lady is a real beauty.........inside and out!
I don't know who was more excited, Kaitlyn or her brother, Colton.
About 5 years ago I delivered Colton his quilt and he has loved it.
A couple of weeks ago we knocked on their front door,
Colton answered,
his face lit up,
and he yelled, "Kaitlyn, get in here.  It's your turn!!"
Great family.......................great kids!

Happy Quilting!                    Lynda

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another High School Graduate Quilt

 This young man, Tyler, is such a fun young man in our life.  He had to have a happy quilt since he is always so happy!  I made this "Bee" quilt for him.  It says "I Believe in Beeing  Happy, Dancing, Singing Loudly,  and Eating Cookies".  This describes him so well.
I guess it must be getting around the neighborhood that I make quilts for graduates that I have watched grow up because his younger brothers were just as excited as he was.  My husband said to one of the youngest brothers that maybe some day I would make a quilt for him too.
Under his breath, very softly, he said..................if you are still alive then!
We laughed all the way home.  Funny how "old" to him was way different than "old" to us seems.
Later that night we heard a loud knock at our front door.
I opened the door and found this great note and "high five" hands
taped to our front door.
Oh, there was a nice plate of brownies too but they disappeared quickly.

Happy Quilting!                               Lynda

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A FREE quilt? Really?

I am a bit cheap  frugal.  
Example:  When our Bee goes on a shop hop, Suzanne has purchased several laundry baskets and put our names on them so when we buy something we can throw it in our basket and then when we are done no one has to search for their bags.  My basket is always the least filled!
No kidding.  I only buy fabric when I know what I am going to make with it and not much extra either.
Therefore, when I have left over fabrics they are small pieces, none of this 1/2 yard or more stuff for me.
So.......when I can make a 2nd quilt using left over fabric I feel like it is a FREE quilt since I didn't purchase the fabrics just for that particular quilt.

This quilt is from left over fabric from a couple of Twister quilts I made last year. is free.

 I am always amazed that when I sew I think I am making perfect 1/4 inch seams so all my blocks SHOULD be the same size.  Never are!  The trimmings are slightly different on each block.  Some trims are mere threads and others are close to 1/4 inch!  Can you imagine how far off your quilt would be if you didn't square up those blocks?
 Here are 30 Disappearing 9 Patch blocks all squared up and ready to sew together.
 Don't know why I bother putting them up on the design wall to make sure same fabrics aren't together.
It never seems to work anyway!
 Horizontal rows all sewn together.  I'm sure I'll have them pressed and sewn together later today or tomorrow.  These are big blocks........13 inches square so it is going together quickly.
On another topic:  My friend, Janine, had a birthday yesterday.  I made these small design boards for her.  Aren't they cute?  I love going to Lori Holt's blog, Bee in my Bonnet, and seeing what fun things she has done.  She has a tutorial on making these boards.  They go together quickly with a tiny bit of sewing and a lot of gluing.  Be aware tho.......they are addictive.  I see several more of these in my future.  Can you imagine how nice they will be for keeping blocks together (Like Buggy Barn blocks).  They can even be stacked so your cat can't mess them up.  Perfect size to take to quilt retreats or Bee's to keep projects together too.

Best get dinner in the crockpot so I can head back to my sewing room.

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda