Monday, April 25, 2016


I haven't been sitting around idle.  
After I finished my Dad's quilt I finished another
High School Graduation quilt.
This one looks so different in the different lighting.
The 2nd picture with the happy recipient shows the colors much better.

I love making quilts and giving them away.  
The happy smiles are such a reward.

Now to finish a wedding quilt for a May wedding.

Happy Quilting!                   Lynda

Saturday, April 23, 2016


I grew up in Spokane, Washington.  My parents had purchased a double lot which seemed like a million miles away from our home in town.  The freeway was coming through and taking our home so we needed to move.  The lot seemed so far away from my friends but it was covered in trees and had lots of places for me to run and play.  My Dad built our house and had to cut down and dig out many of those trees but it still left us with 57 trees in our yard!  I loved those trees.  He didn't.  Of course, he was the one who had to rake those long pine needles out of the grass, and I wasn't.

Twenty-five years ago, Dad and Mom were now living with me and my family in Utah.  They had sold their home with all those wonderful trees.  I signed up to take a class on making a Tree Quilt.  I was going to give it to my Dad with the title, "No More Raking Required".  Cute, huh?

But............the class was held on the same day that I brought my Dad home from the hospital with terminal cancer.  Needless to say, I didn't go to the class and the pattern set in my sewing stuff for a few years before I finally got around to starting it.  I ran across the pattern and all the fabric that had been purchased for the quilt and decided I needed to get it done.  Over the years it was worked on and the top was finished and it was again shoved into a corner of my sewing room.

A few months ago I refound it, got the backing fabric and took it to the quilter to be finished.  What a beauty it is now.  Kerry, from Utah Valley Quilting, quilted a paisley design to match the paisley fabric.  The thread on top blends in with all the fabrics but the backing thread is that minty green/blue color and shows off the paisley pattern so well on the tan back.  I think Dad would really love it.

We always had a cat and dog.


A kite caught in the tree.

A view of the back.

Yep, I think he would really love it.
Especially the no raking part.

Happy Quilting!                  Lynda

Friday, March 4, 2016

Retreat Mania

Our Retreat is over!  
Yesterday morning 15 to 18 women swarmed 
Suzanne's home.  Laughing, talking,
sewing, sharing, reaching for
the chocolate.
Today.....18 tired women dragged ourselves 
down the stairs, carrying heavy sewing machines,
bags of projects, some done, some not,
and empty lunch dishes.
The laughter had died down but the
memories of the fun and projects
will be remembered and shared for weeks to come.

 Several women worked on this project. 
The name of this block eludes me but it is a charmer!
Some made it in 2 1/2 inch strips while others opted
for 1 1/2 inch strips.  Either way it is wonderful.
Don't you love when you can use fabrics that don't go together
and yet they make a beautiful quilt!
Here are a few pictures of everyone working and visiting.

 The empty chair was my spot for the 2 days.
 Not sure what Megan was doing here but her blocks are wonderful.

 This bright quilt will be loved by a teen girl soon.
 This quilt is stunning.
 Notice the jacket?  She made it like a rag quilt.  
It was really fun.
During our last retreat Ina put together this quilt and wanted to
bring it to show it was completed now.
It was made from a tree exchange.

Can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the lunches.  Must have been busy stuffing my face with delicious salads, casseroles, fresh bread and rolls, and yummy desserts.

It was great fun but my back is looking forward to a rest from hovering over a sewing machine for a couple of days.

Happy Quilting!                                 Lynda

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quilt Retreat today! Wooohooo!!!

Our Spring Retreat is here!
2 wonderful days of sewing,
laughing and

I made a stiletto for each quilter.
Saw this on pinterest, of course.
18 stilettos made with a
turkey lacer and beads.

Can't wait.

Happy Quilting!                   Lynda 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Refinish a Flimsie and Ready for Halloween!

 I am so so so happy that I took off the original border and changed it to
2 solid borders on my Grandson's Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.
What a difference a border can make!
 This is just a glimpse of the back.  I am trying to use up more of the
bricks I cut out a few months ago. 
Now, what to do with all the other ones I have cut from different fabrics?
I think I have made 3 or 4 of the Bricks and Stepping Stones so I may just trim the
remaining colors down and make a Scrappy Chevron.

 This Halloween Shoo Fly was made from leftover Halloween fabrics.  I fell in love with the
purple bubble fabric so had to buy it to use as the back.
The quilting was done by Kerry at Utah Valley Quilting in Springville.
I let her pick the thread color and I am so happy with
her choice of a variegated purple/orange/green.
I just love the spider webs.

A little plug for Kerry.  
She is great.  She meets at a quilt shop close by every Saturday.
Picks up your quilt AND
returns it the following Saturday!
How great is that?

Back to my sewing room to keep clearing out the UFO's from forever ago.

Happy Quilting!                Lynda 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A couple small finishes.......and an UNfinish!

 In my clean out I found a couple Scrappy Baby Quilts I made several years ago.
They both use the same fabrics.
This one is very busy Log Cabinish.
I decided to just tie them and have ready for a new baby (no announcement).
 Here is a close up.  I used various widths of fabric and cut at angles on some sides.
I like it o.k., but it is way busy!
 This is the 2nd one.  Just a Square in a Square.  I like it much better.

 They both have the same plaid back.  
At least they are finally on the finished side of my stack.
This one.....however.....I haven't liked since I put the border on it.
I love the border fabric but it just doesn't look right to me.
Yesterday our Wednesday Bee met and Suzanne showed her Bricks and Stepping Stones
Quilt.  It had a small orange border than a larger black border.
So today I will be unpicking 4 long sides of this flimsie and
looking for a blue border and a black border to add.
I'm sure I'll be much happier.

Happy Quilting!                     Lynda

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Finishes

I'm thinking a Flimsie is a finish, right?

Most of these just needed a few more blocks or borders added to
get them ready for the quilter.

 I purchased a charm pack several months ago hoping to make a small Twister
for a baby quilt.  Of course, I didn't have quite enough charms so had to
add a few fabrics from my stash.  
This one will go to the quilter on Saturday.
 I started this Halloween quilt several months ago from left over Halloween fabrics.
It just needed a couple of borders.  My Bee went on a Shop Hop
last week and I found these great lime green and purple fabrics 
that were perfect for another finished flimsie.  
This one is going to the quilter on Saturday too.
 This quilt looks very faded out.  It was started 24 years ago!
Finally got the borders on and a back made.
Off to the quilter on Saturday!!
 My friend, Janine, and I decided to get together once a month to sew.
This was our first project.  We spent a couple hours cutting out the blocks
for both of us.  After she finished with the fabrics, I got the leftovers for my borders.
(Seemed only fair that I took the leftovers since she had purchased all the fabrics.)
The green borders are 2 different fabrics but look great together.
 This is a quilt for a grandson who is graduating this year.  I added the border this past week.
Now I just need to find a backing and it will be off to the quilter too.

This is a small portion of a quilt for a neighbor boy who will be graduating this year.
I used scraps and made a zillion HST's.  Got to find a backing fabric and it's ready too.

Cleaning out my sewing room has really helped me to prioritize just what needs to be done to finish another quilt.  I should be able to keep the quilter busy for a few days this month!

Happy Quilting!                   Lynda