Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Quilts

 I absolutely love this quilt.  The tiny 2 inch squares and yo yo's and the houses and trees around the border are wonderful.  Some day.....I will make this one.

 Houses seemed to be one of the themes this year.

 I have this pattern and plan on making this one.....some day.....too.
 Tumbling Blocks.........................
Happy Quilting!             Lynda

Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Springville Quilt Show

 My friend, Janine, and I went to the Springville Quilt Show on Saturday.  It is always a treat to see what others have been working on during the year.  This one is a Thousand Pyramids.  My Mother made one of these for each of my sons many years ago.
 This one was such a clever use of ties.  It looked like the quilter just threw blocks on the floor and sewed them together where ever they landed.
 I've seen this fan pattern for ties before and always love how they turn out.
 Several years ago I made a Double Wedding Ring but I thought this one was especially beautiful because of the extra pieces added to make a star design in every other ring.
This quilter entered a challenge where they were supposed to make a quilt from a phrase.  She chose "Bird Brain" and came up with a self portrait depicting her love for birds.  The book about birds of the world was authored by B. R. Ayne.

These were just a few of the many beautiful quilts on display.  More tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!                           Lynda

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moving In!

 We've had a marvelous couple of weeks.  My husband and I cleared out 2 bedrooms so our youngest daughter, Nicky, and her family could move in for a few months.  Patrick got a great new job about 25 minutes from us and so they needed a place to crash until they can find a home of their own.  It's amazing what a couple can accumulate in 6 short years!!  One wall in the dining room has things needed now.....
 Half of their couch fits into our living room......the other half is in the family room.
 No car can fit in here for awhile......
 Behind the family room couch is even full.....(oh darn, now I can't get to my treadmill!)
 Even the upstairs hallway is packed with things that need to fit in their 2 bedrooms......
 Not sure how they are going to sleep in here......
 However, Little Ellie's bed is all set up and the crib will be set up soon for the new baby coming in September......It will probably take us a couple of weeks to get them unpacked and unneeded stuff put into the storage room in the basement.  But my husband and I are so thrilled to get to spend more time with them.
On the sewing front I have put a black and white border around my Twister quilt.  I'm thinking it doesn't need another border.  I'll probably bind it in solid black and use a flannel black with red polka dot for the back.

Now some fun times with our darling little granddaughter!

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Twist Again......

 I'm always amazed when you can take squares and sew them together.....cut them with a Twister ruler....sew them back together.....and end up with a top that looks so cool!
 But then I ended up with a stack of fabric that had not been used in the quilt.  What to do...What to do???
Trim off some edges and end up with 42    4 1/2 inch squares and a pile of trimmings.
 I can figure out what to do with the squares......someday.
 But the trimmings?    I have seen lots of people fill jars with buttons and fabric to use for decoration.
  Just maybe........

Now to finish this top and get it ready for the quilter.....along with several other tops that are just sitting in my sewing room waiting, not so patiently, for their turn to be quilted.

Happy Quilting!                    Lynda