Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wedding Quilt!

Yep.......there isn't a picture of my latest quilt!  
I just forgot to take a picture. 
 It sat here for a couple of days...........
the sun was shining outside...........
perfect days for pictures.       
Yup, my brain cells are going rapidly.

It was a scrap quilt.  I am very fond of scrap quilts.   That's it!

Happy Quilting!                    Lynda

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Graduation Quilt!

This time the graduation quilt is for one of my grandsons, Jordan!
I love the Bricks and Stepping Stones pattern so I made
his in browns and blues.  
I really like the bright blue inner border before the black border. 

I really thought I had put a dent in my brick rectangles,
but as you can see, I still had plenty to make
an interesting back also.

Kerry, at Utah Valley Quilting, did the machine quilting.  
I chose Funky Monkey for the design.
I thought Jordan would like that.

Now I head out to Arkansas next week to attend his graduation
and give him his graduation quilt.
Luckily, he has chosen to go to College out here
in Utah so I will get to see him more often.

Happy Quilting!                             Lynda