Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Busy! Busy! Busy!

It is just too hot to be outside right now so I've been spending some finishing time in my sewing room.

My friend, Leslie, gifted me with some UFO's and lots of fabric a while back and I have been busy trying to decide what to make out of all this wonderful fabric!

This first finished top is one that Leslie started.  She had many of the blocks already finished and the pieces cut for the rest.  Easy finish.  The top is together.  Now I just need to decide on the back and get it to the quilter.
 She also gave me a large stack of greens and red fabrics that I've been caressing for a couple of months.  I made 2 of the same quilt except the 1st border is cream on this one, and red on the next one (not shown).  I still have to cut the 2nd one and sew it together to be a Twister.  I am still working on what kind of border I want on each of them.    I just love Pinterest where I can type in quilt borders and find all kinds of ideas of how to finish my quilts.

I have a couple others started also.  It is fun to have several in process at the same time.
Keeps it interesting.

Happy Quilting!                              Lynda

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Another Bricks and Stepping Stones

This is my good friend, Bunny.  

We met a little over a year ago and have been
serving in our Church's Women's organization together.
She is a remarkable woman. 
She recently moved a couple hours away
and we were having a "goodbye" lunch.
We wanted her to know how much we loved her
and enjoyed serving with her so we
gave her a quilt to remember us by.
It is bright and lively, just like her!
She will be missed.

Happy Quilting!                         Lynda