Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonky flowers

Done! Here is the wonky flower Buggy Barn Spring Fever quilt top. It went together quite quickly in just one week of sewing in the evenings. Once you start a Buggy Barn quilt it becomes addictive and you want to see what the next flower will look like. Two flowers didn't pass my inspection so I took them apart and mixed them up better. Somehow I had a light background with a light flower and a pink background with a pink flower. So I just took them apart and switched them around.
The quilt measures about 60 X 70 inches. I really love the purple sashing. The back of the quilt is the same fabric as the small squares in the sashing. I really love the way the flowers turn out so wonky with all 4 petals being a little different. This quilt is for my friend, Janine.
Now to make another "Cute Baby" quilt. My sister saw it on my blog and decided she needed one for her great grandson coming in June. I will be starting on that this weekend. The 2nd quilt of a pattern always goes together much easier than the first since hopefully I have made all the mistakes on the 1st one.
Happy quilting! Lynda :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Fever

The first Buggy Barn quilt that I made had me quite confused. Stack your fabrics, trace the pattern onto freezer paper, iron it to the top of the stack, cut along lines, mix up pieces, sew them back together on lopsided lines, square up to a finished block that is waaayy smaller than the original piece of fabric, etc. But after the first one, they have all been really easy since then.

The above picture is the latest one I am working on. It is called Spring Fever. The flowers are a little wonky.
This is the book the pattern came from.....Certifiably Crazy. I think most of their patterns end in the word crazy. The colors chosen for the quilt are soft pinks and greens with a few creamy whites thrown in with a few different textures in the fabrics also. The kit was put together by a quilt shop, American Quilting, here in Orem a couple of years ago. There are 24 flowers blocks using section A, B, C and D. As you can see, I now have section A and B together. This weekend I will probably get C and D complete so I can start sewing them together to make the crazy flowers.
It is so satisfying to see a quilt start to come together. Lynda

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another binding done, Seattle, Red Pajama get away

Here's another binding done for my friend Janine. She bought plenty of this black and white fabric (as she always does) and she has made this quilt, has the fabric for another ready to make and I have made a quilt (but not quilted yet) out of this fabric. The red is the perfect accent color for the black and white. I had the black and white striped fabric and we thought that would be the perfect binding. The back is Minkie.

Here is a picture of me and 2 of my daughters.....Denise in the middle and Krista on the our motel room in Seattle. Krista got us these matching red pajamas for our mother/daughter getaways a few months ago. Nicky couldn't make it this time.

Here are a few pictures of Seattle area. Isn't this just a beautiful scene?

This is Alki area looking over into downtown Seattle.

This is one of the fish markets at Pikes Place.

The fruits and vegetables were so wonderful.

And the flowers were amazing! Can you believe these bouquets were only $5 to $15 each.

This is the view from the top of the hill looking towards Pikes Place. This place is wonderful. Full of all kinds of shops from honey, jam, cheese, fruits, vegetables, fish to hand bound leather journals, hand dyed scarfs, crocheted, knitted items, jewelry and all kinds of other crafts. It was great fun.....I could have stayed a few days and not seen it all.
It is always fun to take a vacation. We had a grand visit with my brother, Mike, and his family. Went out to eat, got hair cuts from my niece, Elizabeth and had a great time. Now it's back home, back to work and back to a routine.
I am working on a Buggy Barn quilt of flowers in soft pinks and greens for Janine. Also getting the back made for my Cute Babies quilt so it can get quilted soon.
Good to be home and quilting again. Lynda

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More binding done

This week I put the binding on 2 baby quilts for my friend, Janine. They are both the same.....for her twin daughters future babies. It was a completed panel using flannels and chenille and fuzzy animals, all put together. All Janine had to do was get the backing and batting, have it quilted and it was all done. They are both really cute and so soft and cuddly.

I'm off to Seattle for a few days to visit with my brother, Mike and his family before his son, Christopher leaves on a mission for our Church. Can't wait to spend time with them. Of course, I may have to look up a quilt shop or 2!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cute Babies

Last Wednesday at our Bee I was working on these "Cute Babies" blocks. I had ironed all the fabrics down and at the meeting I started the machine applique. They are so darn cute! I love the oversized rattle and pacifier and diaper pin.

Here is the finished quilt top. Don't know what the white fabric was but as I ironed it the fabric crinkled and stretched and became a real mess. I tried pressing with a damp cloth but whatever that fabric is I won't be using it again. I think once it is quilted it will look o.k. tho. I don't know if you can see but there are french knots for little belly buttons. I worried about what to do for the eyes but I think the french knots look good there too.

Here are a couple more of the seasonal skinnies from our Strip club. They go together so quickly. These are small enough that I know I can machine quilt them....someday.

I have also put the binding on a quilt for my friend, Janine. We have used this fabric now for about 4 quilts.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are not the LAZY Bee

A few years ago some of us started what we called the "Lazy Bee" because we didn't want structure, or deadlines, or a president, or dues, or any other "have to do" projects. But now we are thinking that we should call ourselves something different because none of us are anywhere near lazy and we all accomplish a lot! Anyway.....we met again today (boy am I glad I can once again meet with these amazing, talented and fun women).

Four of them, Brenda, Dee, Dixie and Suzanne, are working on the above pattern but each in a different colorway. This one is Dee's. Her applique is remarkable. Wish I would have done it....however the applique would have given me much unwanted stress. On my sidebar you can go to Brenda's blog at Meandering Quilt Thoughts and see her version of it too.

This is a row exchange that Dee is working on from another Bee that she attends. Her row is the baskets at the bottom. She made 8 different baskets. This is going to be a beautiful quilt for someone.

Don't know why no one wants their picture taken but I hurried and got this one before Dee could hide behind her beautiful work.

Claudia made this quilt from a monthly class she took. The quilting was done by Larissa Baldwin of Orem and is fantastic. Each of the watering cans have words, applique and some are 3 dimensional. I love all the bright and cheerful flower pots around the borders. Wish you could see this quilt in person!

Suzanne brought this quilt top that she says she has made 3 or 4 of now. She started with a large 12 inch square...then cut it 4 ways and sewed them back together. Don't know if you can see the secondary designs in it from this picture.

She also brought this wallhanging ready for quilting. The word "Spring" was paper pieced and the basket, flowers and bird were appliqued on. Suzanne is another fabulous appliquer.
I was working on my "Cute Baby" quilt but somehow didn't get any pictures of it. Happy quilting to you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nicky's baby quilt

This weekend Nicky and Patrick came down so we could go shopping for baby furniture. It was lots of fun....but my feet started complaining after about the 5th store! We did get lots of good ideas and I think she has made up her mind as to what she wants now. We did get a nice playpen that she will use for a bassinet the first couple of weeks that they will keep their new baby girl in their room with them. Then it will be great for traveling or taking to friends. They also got a baby monitor. Next weekend we'll get the car seat, stroller and crib. She is 6 months along now and is feeling the pressure to get the baby room ready.

While they were here we got the fabric for a baby quilt she saw in a Fons and Porter magazine from 2008 I think. She has wanted to make this one for quite some time. We got it cut out and she sewed the blocks and appliqued the hearts, stars and flowers. During the week she will square them up and be ready to sew the top together next weekend. She is even thinking of quilting it herself but is using minkie for the back so thinks maybe this one will go to a quilter.

It is fun to watch her fondle the fabrics as she picks out what she wants in her quilt. She absolutely loved the blue fabric....and the orange.....and the rose pink....and.......

What fun to have daughters who love quilts and even better that this one likes to make them too.