Thursday, January 14, 2016

Product of a Clean Sewing room!

My sewing room was such a disaster that I didn't even have room to cut out a quilt and I certainly didn't feel like sewing in there!  So I spent the better part of a week emptying cupboards and throwing out.  Oh what a feeling!!!  After a huge bag of garbage and a big bag of "pass it on to someone else", and lots of reorganizing, I can now maneuver around, find fabrics and actually work on a project.

When I say garbage, I mean pieces smaller than 2 inches, and fabric so crinkly and stiff that I would be embarrassed to use it in a quilt, and some that even had an odor when ironed.  It does feel good to purge once in awhile.

I found lots of pieces of flannel, not enough to make a whole quilt, but enough to mix together and make something usable.  I found this cute tractor fabric and a blue plaid that seemed to work well together.  Since I'm going to a baby shower tonight I figured it would be perfect for a small rag quilt and burp cloth.  I've also finished a blue and brown baby quilt top that I'm going to tie.  I also found several quilts that just need a back and they will be heading off to a quilter soon.  

I'm having FUN!  Hope you are too.

Happy Quilting!                           Lynda