Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love with a wonderful guy!

Yes, my Viking is back! Today I put the binding on the Cute Babies quilt for my sister. Jeanie, if your reading this I'll be putting this quilt in the mail to you on Saturday. Hope you like the way it turned out. It was quilted by Toma Blair in Orem. I was quite disappointed in myself tho that I used Wonder Under and didn't trim the centers out of the big pieces so the babies are quite stiff. The first one she quilted turned out so cute until I washed it and then the babies stuck out so oddly that I had her quilt this one differently. I learned my lesson tho...trim the iron on stuff so that things aren't so stiff!!!

I also finished putting together the 2 truck/tractor quilts and got the backs made too. Now they will go to the quilter on Saturday. I love the flannel backing I found....trucks and tractors in blue, green and yellow. I debated about putting a border on it but I think I like the non-border look. The binding will be the wavy lined blue and yellow fabric.
I also started putting the strip blocks together. Here are the first 4 done. I know, I was leaning towards blue and yellow but I have so many more red scraps than yellow so I decided to use it instead. I really like the bright look of it.
I need to get the binding sewn onto the flower quilt I made for my friend, Janine, also so I can have it ready to hand sew down tomorrow night.
I spent the morning with my quilting friends. I am always inspired by each of them. It is fun to see what they have been working on and the fabrics they use.
Happy Quilting! Lynda


Brenda said...

Wow - great quilts and I love your string quilt - you are so talented!

Nicky and Patrick said...

The baby quilt turned out so great! I love the tractors too. I like all of them:) Glad you have your machine back so you won't be so bored:) You may need to bring it up when you come so you have something to do;)

Mrs Moen said...

I'm so happy for you, Lynda. When I read your headline I was guessing it just might be about your machine:-)
The quilts look great! I know what you mean about the stiffness of fusibles though; I'm not too fond of it myself. My solution has been that I draw larger pieces directly onto the back of the fabric using a template, and iron strips of fusible on the lines.

Sharon said...

Yeah...Celebrate! You and Mr. Viking have a great weekend!