Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I love Spring! This is the view from my front porch. The yellow tree is called a Golden Chain and is in full bloom right now. The huge bumble bees love it and it smells so good. The tree on the left is a flowering Cab Apple. It was in full bloom a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if you can see the mountains in the background through the tree branches. They are covered in snow still. We used to have a contest guessing when the last visible snow would be usually was the first week of August.
I got the binding on Janine's Buggy Barn Flower quilt. It turned out so cute. The fabrics are so sweet. I took it to work to give to her and everyone wanted it. Of course, we all asked who this one was for and she said "ME". I also got Nicky's quilt back from the quilter. I found another quilter...Brandy in Spanish Fork. She did a fantastic job. I put the binding on so it is ready to give to Nicky when we see her tomorrow. This is her 3rd quilt that she has made by herself. I hope she doesn't mind that I put the binding on for her. Her baby is due in a couple of weeks and I thought she might to have it ready.

This is a close up of the flower block. Brandy quilted a swirl in the center. I think it turned out really cute.

I've made 18 blue and red string blocks now. I think I need 42. Right now it doesn't look like I've used hardly any of the strips. How come scraps multiply??
Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We decorated my parents graves today and we will go to Logan tomorrow to decorate my husbands family graves.
Happy Quilting. Lynda

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love with a wonderful guy!

Yes, my Viking is back! Today I put the binding on the Cute Babies quilt for my sister. Jeanie, if your reading this I'll be putting this quilt in the mail to you on Saturday. Hope you like the way it turned out. It was quilted by Toma Blair in Orem. I was quite disappointed in myself tho that I used Wonder Under and didn't trim the centers out of the big pieces so the babies are quite stiff. The first one she quilted turned out so cute until I washed it and then the babies stuck out so oddly that I had her quilt this one differently. I learned my lesson tho...trim the iron on stuff so that things aren't so stiff!!!

I also finished putting together the 2 truck/tractor quilts and got the backs made too. Now they will go to the quilter on Saturday. I love the flannel backing I found....trucks and tractors in blue, green and yellow. I debated about putting a border on it but I think I like the non-border look. The binding will be the wavy lined blue and yellow fabric.
I also started putting the strip blocks together. Here are the first 4 done. I know, I was leaning towards blue and yellow but I have so many more red scraps than yellow so I decided to use it instead. I really like the bright look of it.
I need to get the binding sewn onto the flower quilt I made for my friend, Janine, also so I can have it ready to hand sew down tomorrow night.
I spent the morning with my quilting friends. I am always inspired by each of them. It is fun to see what they have been working on and the fabrics they use.
Happy Quilting! Lynda

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I feel like Little Orphan Annie singing....

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...your only a day away!

My Viking, the love of my life, (well maybe that's an exaggeration) will be home TOMORROW.

Oh happy day! Lynda

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strip cutting

Boy do I miss my sewing machine! But I am cutting strips and looking at more patterns. Buggy Barn has a new book out called Positively Crazy and there is a Christmas quilt in it that I HAVE to make for sure. It is Santa hiding behind a Christmas tree. Gotta buy that book today.

I'm auditioning the 2nd color for my strip quilt. I've cut out a good pile of blues. Not so sure about the greens with it. Not much contrast.
I really like the yellows with the blues. That would make a very happy quilt.

Of course, I do have a lot of reds. Putting white down the center of each block would give it a very patriotic look.
Of course, I still have lots of blues, in lighter tones, so I could make a totally blue quilt dividing the lights from the darks. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions!!

Happily cutting! Lynda

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Procrastination (my middle name)

Yep, I procrastinated just a little too long....didn't take my sewing machine in for servicing so now he (yes its a he since he is a Viking) decided to quit on me! You know how that goes----just one more project, THEN I'll take him in and get him cleaned up and taken care of. I have these 2 tractor/truck quilts half made, a quilt ready to put the binding on for Janine, a Snowball quilt in the making and who knows how many other projects in my head waiting to be started. So tomorrow I'll be taking my trusty Viking into the shop, get him cleaned, serviced, a new bobbin holder (since it lost some little important piece) and be ready hopefully in a week to continue. This will be a really good time to cut strips for a strip quilt I want to make too.

Below you can see I at least got the tires on the tractors and trucks. The truck tires were quite easy, cut out a circle and sew on. But the tractor tires were lots of ins and outs to cut for the tread. AND then I had to sew 4 stitches across, 4 stitches down, 4 across, 4 up, etc etc etc all around each tire----16 tires! But don't they look superb? I even got 1 of the filler strips done before Viking gave out. Oh I'm going to love this quilt. I know the 2 recipients will too.

Today is Mother's Day in the USA. So Happy Mothers Day to all of you. We got a wonderful CD of Church music at Church and of course a public pat on the back for all the service we give, lessons we teach, meals we take to others, kisses we give to hurts, and all the other things we do as mothers and wives.
Yesterday we spent in Logan at our son-in-laws college graduation. We had a great day celebrating with them, eating, laughing and playing games. He will now go on to get his Masters degree. Their college is all up hill (no lie, I don't think anything is down hill on campus). By the time he gets his Masters I need to be in better shape so I don't almost collapse by the time we get to the actual ceremony. Pretty funny to have my 8 month pregnant daughter trying to help push me up the hill.
Happy quilting to you all. Lynda

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dresden Plate

This is the quilt I took to Nicky's 2nd baby shower yesterday. We both really love this quilt. I like the scalloped border too. If I wouldn't have been so lazy I would have appliqued flowers and vines on the border, but. . .
These are 6 inch blocks. It was quilted by Laura Erickson in Orem.
We both took our cameras but forgot to take any pictures of all the cute things she received. The party was lots of fun. We played "guess the baby food" game. I only got 3 of 6 right! They all smelled pretty bad tho. Brought back a few memories of sprayed food all over me. The girls who gave it for Nicky had really gone all out with all the food and decorations and games. I think Patrick's favorite gift was a book called "Skippyjon Jones". He had to read it to us, laughing the whole time.
Happy Quilting. Lynda