Friday, April 15, 2011

The RELAXATION of binding time

This black and white fabric is probably the 5th quilt my friend, Janine, and I have made from the same fabrics! I think it is now down to just scraps. I talked her into adding those cute little pinwheel stars in the sashing and she loves it. (Why is it we always think we CAN'T do something before we do it?) She used Minke on the back so it was so easy to do the binding since that fuzzy stuff hides any stitches.
This is my 2nd quilt from these bright pinks and greens. (Janine has made 3 I think from the same fabrics but different patterns.) I used up most of mine on the border. A soft pink polka dot flannel makes the back nice and cuddly too. I think this is one of my favorite patterns to many "favorites" am I allowed?

Now on to finishing the Snowball, the Kaliedoscope, the string heart.....and what ever else is lurking down in the sewing room.

Happy Quilting! Lynda


Nicky and Patrick said...

AWESOME! I love the black and red one! So cool!

Carol G said...

Both of these are so cute. And how cool to have a buddy creating something with the same fabrics.

Stray Stitches said...

Both quilts are wonderful. I like the addition of the pinwheel stars in the sashing - it adds just that little something extra. Your pink and green quilt is so right for this time of year - all spring!

Pokey said...

You know I L.O.V.E. that pink and green flower, Lynda! I study the picture every time to see if I could figure it out/ do one, no kiddin'!
It is so good to have a quilting buddy to sew with, and to challenge us to do "good works" with our sewing (and in life). You have great finishes, I'm happy for you!

Oops-Lah said...

I love your pink and green quilt! So cheerful. I must say, I'm impressed that you make more than one quilt from the same fabrics. I'm often too bored by the time I have finished one quilt, so the leftover goes back into the stash (and of course never to be used again).