Saturday, June 23, 2012

Busy....but not with sewing

 It was Ellie's 2 year birthday party the first part of June.  She had a Minnie Mouse theme.  Here she is eating one of the Minnie Mouse cupcakes that Nicky made for us.   She had to take a break from opening all the presents she got.  I think maybe the 2 Grandmas need to be a little more conservative with gifts!  She finally said, "Don't want to" when asked to open more gifts.
 I saw this simple pattern for making a bandanna dress and thought I should make one for Ellie.  They really do only take a few minutes to whip together.
Since she will be having a little brother soon it was time to buy a big girl bed.  She was quite happy with it especially since she got Princess bedding.  

Guess I really need to get back to working on some quilt.  With the summer weather I want to be outside (possibly I need to move my sewing machine to the patio), and our work hours are much longer now too with everyone wanting their surgery while school is out.

Happy Quilting!                        Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

What a cutie Miss Ellie is! She must have been very spoiled at her birthday if she got tired to open all her presents ;). So funny!! Love the little dress you made her.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Happy 2 year to grandma and Ellie! I love the bandana dress you've made, so cute!
We see the same every Christmas and birthdays - it's all too much for the little ones relating to all the gifts.

Pokey said...

Oh your bandanna dress is so adorable on Ellie! It is nice to whip up an easy outfit and have it work out well. Happy birthday to that sweetie girl. You'll get back to the sewing, we enjoy it too much not to ~