Saturday, November 10, 2012

Been Gone Too Long

 I feel like I've been gone too long from blogging!  Here are a few things that have been keeping me busy.  Ellie and her Mommy made several things for Halloween to decorate our home.  These are string and glue pumpkins.  Ellie didn't like her hands all covered in glue tho.
 The leaves have been falling so Ellie and Grandpa went out to rake them.  They spent a couple of days with Grandpa raking and Ellie playing in them.
 Little Gavin has grown so quickly.  We took him in for his 2 month check up and he is 25 inches long and 15 pounds already.  He is in the 98 percentile.  He sure is fun.
 Yesterday we got our first snow.  About 4 inches on the table.
 Our Smoke Tree is really weighed down too.
 There is a sandwich shop a few blocks from us and our office every once in awhile orders lunch from them. They are delivered in these really sturdy boxes.  I kept watching them get thrown away and figured I needed to start saving a few of them for my sewing room
 These 5 inch squares fit in them really well.
 I grabbed a bunch of those 5 inch squares and started subcutting them into 2 1/2 inch squares of black, 2 1/2 X 5 inch rectangles of blue, green, brown, red and yellow/orange and just left the creams in 5 inch squares.
 Here are some of the blocks ready to sew together.  I still don't know how I can lay out the pieces for a block in exactly the way I want them and when I sew them together I either end up with 1 extra piece or 2 greens in one block.....Who notices when it is all put together?
I have 22 blocks done so far today.  Only 41 more to go.  They sew up quickly once all the cutting is done.  I'm not so sure about the black and white on some of the corners but once they are all together I'm sure they will add a little ZING to the quilt.  This one is for one of my High School graduate neighbors.

In between sewing I'm making bread.  Love when it gets cold out because I feel like baking again.

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda


Pokey said...

Little Ellie is sweet in that pile of leaves! I'm glad they are still here to enjoy, Lynda. Gavin is all smiles, too, so cute!
Look at your snow! We are having our first cool weather this week. I have on my house shoes instead of flip flops, lol

Oops-Lah said...

Wonderful to hear your news about what's going on in your family and with your quilting. The little one is indeed growing fast; he is so cute. I can't believe you had snow already. Isn't that too early. I guess it will melt soon. Happy Quilting. xx

Guðrún Á. Rögnvaldsdóttir said...

The "little" ones grow very fast. I like your blocks.