Thursday, February 11, 2016

A couple small finishes.......and an UNfinish!

 In my clean out I found a couple Scrappy Baby Quilts I made several years ago.
They both use the same fabrics.
This one is very busy Log Cabinish.
I decided to just tie them and have ready for a new baby (no announcement).
 Here is a close up.  I used various widths of fabric and cut at angles on some sides.
I like it o.k., but it is way busy!
 This is the 2nd one.  Just a Square in a Square.  I like it much better.

 They both have the same plaid back.  
At least they are finally on the finished side of my stack.
This one.....however.....I haven't liked since I put the border on it.
I love the border fabric but it just doesn't look right to me.
Yesterday our Wednesday Bee met and Suzanne showed her Bricks and Stepping Stones
Quilt.  It had a small orange border than a larger black border.
So today I will be unpicking 4 long sides of this flimsie and
looking for a blue border and a black border to add.
I'm sure I'll be much happier.

Happy Quilting!                     Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

I like both your baby quilts and I think busy is good for a baby; lots to look at. Good for you for taking that border off which you don't like. Otherwise it will always irk you!

QuiltSue said...

Happy un-sewing. I think, if it doesn't feel right now, you will never like the quilt, so it's better to spend some time changing it, even if actually unpicking it is no fun.