Monday, May 1, 2017

Baby quilt top for Nora Mae

I only saved 2 of my Dad's shirts......not enough!
This one and a pink one were my favorites.
He wore them a lot.  
I  cut some from the pink one I put in a quilt for my nephew.
I may still have enough to make a pillow from that.
This one I decided to make into a pillow first and use scraps for a quilt later..
I really should have saved more and made a pillow for each of his grandchildren.
Hind sight.........

My niece, who has 4 active boys, is going to have a sweet little girl.
Of course she needs a quilt from Aunt Lynda.
I didn't like the way the corner looked with the
stripes going the wrong way in half of the
4 patch.

So I had to take them apart and twist the one
corner stripe of the 4 patch
and sew it back in.
I like that much better!

Here is the top complete.  
After the initial cutting of the pieces,
it went quite quickly.
Now on to making a scrappy back and
then off to the quilters
in time for the baby shower
the middle of May.

Happy Quilting!               Lynda

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