Saturday, September 15, 2018

Yep........I'm keeping busy!

My Granddaughter, Ellie, turned 8 years old.  
She wanted a Build a Bear.
Off we went and an hour later we had a cute little bear
and a happy little girl!
We made matching pajamas for them both.
A month and a half later I took my Grandson, Gavin,
but I forgot to take a picture of his blue pajamas.

In my sewing room ongoing cleaning out I found a cute baby panel.
Took it to the quilter (no I don't hand quilt any more!)
Now it is ready for a Great Nephew being born in November.

Aren't the animals just so cute!

A couple more views.

Orange polka dot binding................perfect.

 I got together with a friend who wanted to make zipper pouches.
She ended up making about 2 dozen of them.  
I settled for 3 so far.
They are quite addictive tho!

This is what I am finishing up right now.
Another Grandson is graduating from high school in Arkansas in May.
When they come for visits to Utah he always asks his Mom to drop
him off up in the mountains with just a knife and a sleeping bag
and see if he could survive on his own for 3 days.
He loves our mountains.
Luckily, she never caved in and let him try it.
I thought a Mountains Majesty quilt would suit him fine.
I used all Autumn scrap fabrics and even used up a ton
of scraps for the back.  Right now I'm adding the
striped binding.  More pictures on this one later.

I delivered 5 big bags of fabric and UFO's to a quilter in our area who has a whole group of women who sew for her.  They make quilts, backpacks, toys and stuffed animals for several different humanitarian projects.  She had a bedroom full of finished things and a kitchen full of partially finished things ready to deliver.  She did say that all the stuff in her home right now will be delivered before the end of the year.  She had several thank you notes from fireman, policeman, agencies, life fight, etc.that they had delivered donations.  I felt that it was a worthy organization to donate my extra fabrics and UFO's.  

Happy Quilting!                                Lynda

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