Friday, August 7, 2009

My daughter Nicky and I loved all the sweet tutus that we saw in stores and on little girls. We figured we could make one quite easily. We got the netting, cut it into about 1 1/2 to 2 inche wide strips and started working around the elastic. The more we put on the scrunchier it became. After we put all the netting on it turned out pretty cute but even after we sprayed it with a detangler it still scrunched up tight. Later we found a great tutorial on line that said we should have cut the strips 4 inches wide and then they would hang straight and should have used wider elastic also. We will have to make another one to see if that works better. I added ribbons to the one I made and sent it to my granddaughter, Kelsey, in Illinois.


Nicky and Patrick said...

That was fun...we really should make another:)

alette siri ane said...

You have to make one to know this!I would have done the same,thank you for blogging this.Have a good day