Tuesday, February 9, 2010

4!!! Count 'em.....4!!!!

Yessiree!! I've now completed 4 Christmas quilt tops. Of course, 3 are almost identical and they were easy patterns. But I'm half way and its only February. Been dancing around the sewing room for a couple of days now. Even mitered the corners thinking they would be a perfect match. But since the sides are different lengths it made the stripes come out not so perfectly together. I would have had to work from the corners in and made the seam down the center different. But, hey, these are for boys and they won't even notice the corners are mitered. They'll just love how warm and comfy they are when it's cold outside.

I've talked about my friend, Janine, quite a bit in this blog. When we became friends about 29 years ago she owned a sewing machine but didn't ever take it out of the box! I know. How bizarre! Anyway, over the years she has become obsessed like the rest of us in regards to anything quilted and she pumps out quilt after quilt after quilt now. (I do think her husband blames me for this obsession) She decided to take a class on this darling bag and look how great it turned out. Since this picture she added a tiny red button inside the flower and it really added. She laughs tho because after paying for the class, the pattern, and the fabric, this bag cost about $45. But now she has the pattern and the knowledge and can make more. Do I see one in my future?
Today is my quilt bee so I'm off to put the bindings on some quilts and enjoy the company of some amazing women.
Thanks for stopping by. Lynda


Sharon said...

WOW! Love the quilts, you are on a roll! I love the purse your friend made...do you know what pattern she used? Have fun at quilt bee!

Mrs Moen said...

Wow, Lynda! Do you still have fabric left over for more of them?
They sure look great, and I think the appliqued pieces are a brilliant idea. What a time saver!
Lovely purse!

Guðrún said...

You must make a bag like that, it looks great. 4 christmas tops, that is a LOT.

Brenda said...

Your Christmas Tops are gorgeous! I love the colors! Your "girls weekend" sounded like so much fun!