Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Shower

I know there is a way to move these pictures into the right order but I can't figure it out!Friends and family enjoying the food. I know you can see the treadmill in the background. I have it right in the family room so it can get used a lot. Only doesn't get used much at all! However, I do look at it every day......does that count as exercise???
Saturday we had an open house baby shower for Nicky. Here is the 1st picture with the first gift.

Here is at the end of the party with all the gifts, shoes off, resting on the couch.

We couldn't believe how many people came. She had invited about 30 and I think we had about 26 come. For awhile the house was packed and there was a lot of noise and laughter.

Family and friends.

Aunts and cousins.

More Friends and neighbors.

The first friends to arrive were either pregnant or just had a baby themselves. We had lots of fun and Nicky got to see some of her friends from high school that she hasn't seen for awhile but they all have blogs and keep in touch.
All my company will be gone tomorrow so it will be quiet around here again. I already miss the laughter and fun. But I will get back to my sewing room and see what I can accomplish.


Nicky and Patrick said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for all the work you put into it. I am glad we ended up having the shower down there and surprised as well at the turn out. So much fun! Only 8 weeks to go.

Mrs Moen said...

What a great day, Lynda; glad everything worked out after all your hard work!
Your pregnant daughter is beautiful!

BABY CARE TIPS | Nalins India said...

A BABY is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase!
Simply awesome BABY CARE blog..keep it up!

Thnks & Rgds

Denise said...

wish i could have been there. sometimes i HATE living so dang far away!!!!!

Sharon said...

Lovely baby shower! I know you are getting excited to see the new grandbaby...can't wait to see a picture!

Guðrún said...

We don´t have baby showers here in Iceland. People come to visit after you have had the baby and give you gifts then. This must be a fun event.