Saturday, April 24, 2010

Full Day

This morning my sister-in-law, Diane, called to see if I wanted to help dip chocolates. Of course! We spent about 2 1/2 hours dipping cherries, orange, raspberry, pina colada creams, coconut, snickers, caramels and mint truffles. I brought home a few plates to share with friends and saved a few for myself. They are delicious! Then down to my sewing room to work on the snowball quilt.
Pictures are out of order again even after I numbered them so I would have them in the right order. Oh well. The top picture is some of the cream snowballs made and the bottom picture is all the red ones finished and the cream ones ready to go. I will have 118 of each which will make a good sized quilt when finished.

How do you like my new ironing board cover and iron? My old cover was so spotted and torn that I had to break down and buy a new one. The iron was a gift from my friend, Janine. She always thinks she has to give me something in payment for helping her with quilts. I think we both will always be in debt to each other!

I've also started another Buggy Barn quilt. There will be 4 tractor blocks and 6 truck blocks. Above is string piecing part of a block. I like to string piece but I have to be careful to keep them all in the right order. I don't cut them apart until they are ironed and I have the next piece ready to add.

This is part A which has 5 pieces. Hard to tell that it is the cab of the tractor with the window. You can see part B to the right which has 4 pieces. They are sewn together and then added to part A. Then I added C and D in the below picture. You can see I still have to do parts E and F.

In this picture you can see how much smaller the finished product is than the original cut pieces. The white section you can see on the outside right and bottom yellow pieces is the size of the original pattern before sewn together. Between each section I had to trim the edges to make a nice straight edge to sew each section to.....the trimmings are in a pile. I stack the cut pieces on the original pattern and then onto a piece of cardboard in case I have to move them while working on something else.
The tractors are in blue, yellow, green and a wavy stripe. The trucks are in purple, gold, blue, green, black and red. It will be a very bright quilt. Can't wait to see it!
My husband and I decided to go out for dinner tonight. Bad idea. . . . prom night. Every nice restaurant was full. We ended up getting a hamburger.


Mrs Moen said...

The chocolates look so good that I'm practically drooling, and so do your snowball blocks! I love the red and white fabric combination! You have such a variety of different reds which makes it even more appealing.
Your Buggy Barn blocks look fun too.

Guðrún said...

Ummm, love that chocolate.

Pokey said...

I have to admit, the chocolate is what drew me in! Yum!!

Your reds are so wonderful, Lynda, that's gonna be great. And, I just made us a new Ironing board cover out of denim! Ours is out all the time, so, why not have something practical, huh?

Sharon said...

Oh yummy...wish we lived closer!

Brenda said...

Too bad there is no quilting this week - I could probably have talked you into bringing the chocolates. Sigh. Love the quilt projects!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Ok, I love chocolate so it seems almost like fate that the first post I read addressed this very subject.

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. (And if you over make any more of those chocolates you know where to find me)