Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This and That

My sister-in-law, Geri, had a small boutique for Christmas. I found out that all she had to sell this time were hair bows. I told her she needed to have the whole family or friends make things to sell in it and came home and started making a few little things for her next one she said she was having in the Spring. Then she called a couple of days ago and said she decided to have one today! So I hurried and made 34 hotpads for her to sell. Good thing they are easy and fast to make.
Then I made another quiet book and a few "tag alongs". The tag alongs are favorites of babies. The fabric is minke or flannel so is soft and cuddly. Then the tags of ribbon sewn all around have texture also. Of course I didn't have time to get a few little baby quilts made for it but I'll be working on them for the Spring.

My grandson, Spencer, called me a couple of weeks ago and told me he needed a new Indian costume. I made him one a couple of years ago and it had worn out since he wears it so much. This time he told me to go up in the mountains, kill an animal, skin it and use the skins to make the clothes because that's what real Indians did. Like I'm going to do THAT. So I used flannel that looks a little like leather. It turned out pretty good. Luckily you can't see my mistakes and I hope he doesn't notice them either.

This is a Christmas quilt I made a couple of years ago for a store to advertise their pattern and fabric. It turned out pretty good.....EXCEPT....the store added the backing and quilting. I was quite disappointed in the fabric they chose. PLAIN WHITE with red thread quilting. A nice soft green or red flannel would have been so much cozier.
Best get busy and finish my Christmas shopping so it will get to families on time.
Happy Quilting! Lynda


Nicky and Patrick said...

Yeah! I wanted to ask how the boutique went and if you had a lot of people show up??? Love you!

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

That cracks me up about the Indian costume. We had to make Seth a Davey Crockett one when he was little. I didn't sew much then so I had a teenager from 4H sew him one up. He wore it ALL the time!

Of course that was after his Zorro stage. He wore his Zorro cape from age 2-4 and Davy Crockett from about 4-6.

Aren't these little guys fun?

Mrs Moen said...

You're sewing like the wind, Lynda; what a great thing to do for your sister in law!
I loved the indian costume story, how cute! I would probably go for the flannel too.-)

Pokey said...

Many Christmas Blessings, Lynda! Love, :-}pokey

Mamen said...

Your quilt is lovely Lynda
I liked it.
Kisses from Spain