Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Asian Bag

I love quilting magazines. I find so much inspiration there....even if I don't make anything from the magazine. But while devouring everything in this magazine I ran across a great Asian bag pattern.

(Tilt your head to the side or this picture!) I fell in love with it. So in June for our Shop Hop I found a whole cabinet full of Asian prints. I was sure that I wanted red and black but when I saw the pink fabric I knew I had to use it instead.

Didn't it turn out lovely!! I, yes me, myself, actually did some machine quilting on it too. A blogging friend, Nine Lisa from Mrs. Moen blog, told me to just go ahead and try it. She often uses a wavy line so it's not so noticeable if your line isn't so accurate. I was quite pleased that it went so well. The pattern was easy to follow and quite simple. I may just have to make another one.

I've also made the binding ( it looks quite red but it is brown) for my pink and brown Twister quilt. I just got it back from the quilter so will be binding it tonight and tomorrow. It's for a wedding present on Thursday so I'd better get moving.

Happy Quilting! Lynda


Pokey said...

I didn't see his mag, but your purse is so cute! Good for you for doing your own quilting, too. It looks like the perfect size ~

Nina Lise Moen said...

Congratulations on a quilting job well done, I am so proud of you.-) And yes, the bag is lovely!

Carol G said...

Such a cute bag and perfect color choice! Congrats on the machine quilting plunge.

Brenda said...

Darling bag! You are so talented!

Oops-Lah said...

Lovely bag! And beautiful quilting; well done! Will you keep the bag or is it for a gift?