Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love the feeling!

 I love the feeling of accomplishment when I actually complete a project!  This little fabric bowl was made for my friend, Janine.  It is a microwave bowl put the bowl in the holder, heat whatever in the microwave, and it saves you burned fingers from hot bowls.  I made her a set of 2.  One started at 10 inches and the other at 8 inches.  I knew the 6 inch one would just be too hard to work with and probably never used so I eliminated it from the package.
 A few blogs ago I showed you the start of this quilt......just the 10 inch squares sewn together.  I am always so amazed at what beauty comes from such a humble start when using the Twister ruler.  I am now making tiny Twisters to go all around for a border.  Hopefully show that in a week (or so).
 I got this quilt back from the quilter and hurried and put the binding on so I could give it away today.  It is soooo cold here that I thought the high school graduate could use it early.  She was very happy as you can see from the picture below.
 She is such a happy, bubbly girl and so I thought this cheerful quilt would be perfect for her.
Several posts ago I showed this quilt.  Today I gave it to another graduate.  He was so surprised and excited.  I've decided I give these quilts for the hugs I get back from these amazing youth.

Now that I feel all warm and fuzzy inside from my experiences tonight, I can hardly wait to get back to sewing and complete another gift for someone special.

Happy Quilting!                     Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

I love the idea of a fabric bowl for the microwave! It's so true about the burnt fingers. May I ask where you found the pattern for it? And you made two "nearly" high school graduates very happy again. Love both quilts you've made and I love the big smiles you received in return (as well as the hugs).

Carol G said...

What a generous way to start the new year and your new twister sure looks great now!

Pokey said...

Aw, those smiles show their appreciation for your gift, sweet Lynda! How kind of you to share your talent in those beautiful quilt finishes! I like the bowl project, too, is it hard to do?