Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life is good!

 Got the "Friendship" quilt back from the quilter.  I absolutely LOVE it!  Linda at Just Sew quilt shop in Highland did a great job quilting loops and circles in a goldy brown colored thread.
 Here's Tanner holding up his quilt.  He was so surprised and really appreciated that it had fabrics from several other quilts that I have made for the people in our neighborhood.  I even gave him a fabric pen so his friends could sign the light blocks.  I usually forget to put a label on the quilts I make but I actually signed one of the blocks this time.  I know I should always label my quilts but I'm just not good at that part.
 I've been noticing Chevron quilts and really like the way they look.  I drew up one using orange, blue, white, gray and yellow.  Below are some of the blocks sewn into half square triangles.  One set of 40 yet to sew together.  Then the dreaded squaring up before I can sew them together.  I think I'll love this quilt.
The Fall Twister quilt is at the quilter.  Looking forward to getting it back so I can put the binding on and give it away too.  I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to see the look on the faces of these amazing youth when I show them the quilt I've made for them.  It's the best!

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda


Pokey said...

Another quilt gift from the heart, how sweet Lynda! It looks like a great signature quilt, perfect for a young man.
The chevrons will be nice, too, I'm looking forward to seeing that in weeks to come ~

Oops-Lah said...

You made another youngster happy! And he does look happy and I'mm sure this quilt will accompany him to wherever life takes him. And what a good idea to have his friends sign the quilt. The new quilt you are working on looks great too. I love those zig zag quilts.

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