Sunday, March 10, 2013

Josh and his graduation quilt

 You remember this picture......the start of my young friend, Josh's Twister quilt.
 It is now finished and bound.
 Here is how it looks now.
And here is Josh all smiles when he received the finished quilt.  I showed him a picture of the quilt before it was cut and sewn back together and he was amazed that I could get this gorgeous quilt from the humble beginnings.

Oh I love these young people in my neighborhood!

Happy Quilting!              Lynda


Pokey said...

The twister idea really does come out cool. I am sure he loved it, I do! How sweet you are Lynda, to take on the ministry of quilting for the kids in your circles, is Josh a neighbor (did I miss you saying that already?)

Oops-Lah said...

Another happy young man and another beautiful twister quilt. Did you make the small twists in the border with the leftovers? In any case, it's looking fantastic.