Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Been gone so long......

 I finally finished the last of the 5 graduation quilts for this year.  This Chevron pattern was so easy.  I knew I wanted to use gray and yellow and the blue and orange came from one of the fabrics. I really love the brightness of this quilt.   I debated whether I was going to use white or black as the background but I'm really happy with the white.
 Linda, at Just Sew Quilt Shop, did the quilting.  It is very modern looking with the straight lines and boxes.
 I used a gray and yellow flannel for the back and a dark gray for the binding.
 Cole was very excited to get his quilt.  I gave his older brother one a couple of years ago so he knew it was coming and was so excited to see me come to the door.
 I finally put the binding on this Kaleidoscope quilt.  I really like the red and white striped binding.  For a long time I didn't like this quilt but I've had so many good comments on it that I think I appreciate it more now.  It really does look like you are looking through a kaleidoscope tube.
I thought the backing fabric was perfect utilizing many of the colors on the front.

A couple of weekends ago we went to St. George, Utah to see a dance recital of our granddaughter.  Our grandson, Taylor, is graduating from high school this year so I had made him a quilt too.  Here he is in the hotel room covered with his baseball quilt.  It was 88 degrees so he didn't really need a quilt.  

Here are 2 of our granddaughters getting to know each other.  Katie, in blue, has become quite an accomplished dancer now and we really enjoy her programs.  Ellie thinks she is the best.
Here Taylor is playing outside with Ellie.  She kept calling him her "good friend".

Happy Quilting!                      Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

Oh my gosh; I love your kaleidoscope quilt! It's amazing. And your graduations quilt was very well received judging from the smiling face. I too love the colours as well as the pattern very much. It's good to have you back ;).

Cheryll said...

Ohhh... you HAVE been busy! Well done a great quilt finishes too! :)

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Your graduating friends and family are so lucky to be on the receiving end of these beauties! I am in awe that you manage to finish all those qults to give away.

QuiltSue said...

Good to see you back.

The quilts are all great - I think my favourite is the chevron one. Your neighbours are all so lucky to have you around making such special graduation gifts.