Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Baby Shower and Ride Em Cowboy

A brand new baby girl will soon be coming to our family.
My nephew and his wife are having a baby in November.
This Saturday is a baby shower.
I just LOVE baby showers!
Here are a few things I have made for her.

Never too many burp cloths!

Gray Minkee and bright pink monkey fabric.

Needed a fun little quilt to cuddle.

Of course, her name had to be on the back.
I can hardly wait for her to arrive.

One of the young girls I used to work with got married recently.
Her announcement said, "Lizzie got her Cowboy" so I had to make
this quilt!

This picture was taken inside and shows the background color much better.

This picture outside kind of faded out the background fabric.
Here are a few closeups of the boots.
Each one I made I thought it was my "favorite"!!

We gave it to her today.
Funny thing.........she had on cowboy boot earrings!
I think it was the perfect quilt for them.

Happy Quilting!                    Lynda

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Oops-Lah said...

Little Emma is getting a lovely quilt as well as other cute things. She's getting spoiled before she's even born ;)! And what a fantastic idea to give the "bride of a cowboy" a cowboy boot quilt. I also think it's the perfect quilt for them and no doubt she'll love it for many years to come.