Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Basket of Bunnies and Easter Eggs

My granddaughter, Sweet Ellie, spent the night with us
last night.  She likes to sew a project while she is here 
so we made Easter Bunnies last night.
This morning she got up and wanted to make
Easter Eggs to go with the Bunnies.
Here she is stuffing!
(I know, I know......stacks of fabric everywhere!  But
this is clean compared to what it usually looks like!!!)

Ellie wanted to show each of the 9 Bunnies and Eggs that she made.

And the whole basket of Bunnies and Eggs.

We love having our grandchildren spend the night individually.  That way we get to spend lots of time doing just what they want to do.  So far we have made cinnamon roll bunnies, ride on her bike, gone to the park, picked up McDonalds, sewn bunnies, watched a movie, read books, slept a little, made Easter eggs, had breakfast, taken pictures and already at 9 a.m. she wants to head to the new park now.  She has planned putting a puzzle together, play the piano, maybe make cookies, play trains with Grandpa and Barbies with me, and I can see her mind thinking of what else she can do before it is time to go home.

Love this time together.

Happy Quilting!                       Lynda

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