Monday, April 3, 2017

Finally! Some finishes!!!

I have loved the elongated Shoo Fly for quite some time and knew I would
finally make one.  When I saw these cheerful fabrics,
I knew these would be perfect for this block.

I especially loved the black fabric with 
summer BBQ fun
printed on it.
I think the black sashing really
showcased the bright blocks.

I did make a FEW too many blocks 
so ended up using them on the back.
I really love this quilt!

I was given a lot of green fabrics from my friend, Leslie.
I added a few of my own and made this Rail Fence Quilt.
I had sewn several blocks together not caring where
the light, medium and dark were placed.
Didn't like that at all!
So I took them apart and sewed them back together
with the lights forming a pinwheel design.
From this picture you can barely see the black pinwheel.

This picture shows the black pinwheel a little better.
Some of the greens were so dark the black pinwheel 
almost disappeared.
It really is a beautiful play on it's name tho.......
"The Grass is always Greener".
This quilt is for a High School Senior graduating in a few months.

We have a son who is getting married soon.
This quilt will be a gift to them.
I love red and white quilts!

Meeting Monica for the first time we were delighted by her
vibrant personality and joy for life.
Red seemed like the perfect color for their quilt.

Once again I am cleaning my sewing room.  Why does it never stay clean!!! I was looking for the cord to my camera and thought I might have put it with some stuff for a retreat.  I haven't found the cord but I have had a ball finding other things.  I would straighten fabrics, throw out some, mark some for our Quilt Guild Fair in the summer, and find unfinished projects along the way.  Now I have a pile of quilts that just need the border sewn on, or a back made, or a border fabric purchased, or take to the quilter.  Most things are put away neatly...............for now.  But as soon as I start work on the next project, the room will look like a tornado struck again.  

Happy Quilting!              Lynda

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