Thursday, July 27, 2017

I'm a bit embarrassed!

Yes, I am a bit embarrassed.  Two more tops that just needed borders!
I've mentioned my friend, Janine, before.  She buys fabric enough for
both of us to make a quilt.  Over a year ago she wanted to make a
Christmas Turning Twenty.
Soft flannels in red, green and tan.
Now that the borders are on, I'm happy.

Not even sure when I started this one.  I know I purchased the fabrics
for a 3D butterfly quilt.  Then I lost interest in that idea.
Saw a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial and
decided these fabrics were perfect for that.
Just needed borders AGAIN.  
I used 4 different fabrics from the center of the quilt 
for each border.  
Another top completed!

Off to the next one.

Happy Quilting!                  Lynda

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