Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In The Good Ole Summertime

Here is another tablerunner. This one is for summer and right now in 20 degree weather with snow on the ground I'm already thinking of summer. I actually machine quilted this one myself. Don't look too closely tho because I am a beginner.

This saying, " Summer time...start slow then taper off!" my feelings exactly. Although at work we are busier than ever during the summer and work long days. It's a good thing that it stays light so late so we can still enjoy it.
I loved the ants with the watermelon too. Speaks to me of summer. I do like the changes in the seasons but the older I get the less I like to drive on slick and icy roads. I really do love the frost covered trees and the soft blanket of snow on the ground tho. Now if we could just figure out how to have that and warm weather at the same time. . . . .

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Helen said...

Hi Lynda!
What a lovely and fun tablerunner! I think the quilting is just perfect... is the applique machined? or by hand? It looks great! Also, the "binding" is so neat... is this the method where you bring the back over to the front? I've never tried to do it that way.

Happy Sewing!