Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seasonal Skinnies by Crazy Old Ladies

You can add me to the list of Crazy Old Ladies now. I have made the fronts of 7 of the skinnies this past couple of weeks (along with a couple other projects for Christmas gifts). These are fun and easy to make and come as a kit from the Quilts Etc. shop. The beehive needs some cute little bee buttons added after quilting.
The Sunflower may need a ladybug or 2.

The pumpkin could use a couple of windy tendrils by the leaves.

The carrot ... maybe an ant brigade marching across the carrot.

How about a little bird in the door.

Can't think of anything for the stocking or the ghost. Although my sister and I saw a cute ghost that said "I only SPOOK when SPOOKEN to". That might be cute embroidered across the front.

These were so quick and easy because strips were just sewn together, then wonder under was added and they were ironed down to the background and sewn by machine with a blanket stitch. 4 quick borders strips and they were done and ready for quilting.


Fiesta said...

Love the skinnies.

Brenda said...

Quick and easy my eye! How can you get so much done and you have a job-job too!!!!!

Nicky and Patrick said...

Those are so cute! I can't wait to see them.

Mrs Moen said...

These are so cute, Lynda! You are going to have so much fun embellishing them; I love your ideas. Are you going to finish each separately, or sew them together?