Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soft and Sweet

These are 3 receiving blankets that I have crocheted around for my future little granddaughter. Of course, I don't know if it is a girl yet but like the Boy Scouts I believe in being prepared. For this blanket and burp cloth I used baby yarn and just did a single crochet around once. It is a very soft yarn and was very quick to do.
This one I chose a brighter thread and crocheted a simple scallop around the edge. I have noticed that the more crochet around the edge the more crinkled it becomes with every washing. That is why I usually just do a simple single crochet once around.

This is a varigated silky thread. Once again, just a simple single crochet around one time. I love making these because they are quite fast and simple to do. My "if its a girl" container is full so I may have to start another one soon.
Happy quilting! Lynda


Helen McNaught said...

Hi Lynda,

The "Bunny Rugs" as we call them!!! are just adorable. My Mum used to crochet around just like you do and I found these items never wore out!! I think the crochet helps keep them in shape. I also made flannelette versions and went around them with silk thread in my overlocker (serger) and my Nieces all said they were also hard-wearing and lasted forever! Isn't it fun making for a new baby.... I'll have to speak to my Nieces again!!!!!
Happy Sewing!

Mrs Moen said...

How adorable, Lynda! I love the fabrics you have used and the croched edges.
I laughed at the Boy Scout reference, I only used white until we knew that our grandchild was a boy, except for some pink socks that I'm saving for my future granddaughter...

Pokey said...

These are precious! I had a little one for Lydia that was my personal favorite, and it had a tatted edge. Those are the best ones, made with love!

Sharon said...

These are adorable and so are the little dresses! Love the crochet edging...I will have to give it a try someday!
I see that you are a dental office too!

Denise said...

almost makes me want a little girl again--hehehehe