Monday, July 26, 2010

Another top ready to quilt!

I've been madly sewing this past weekend. It was a holiday here in Utah over the weekend celebrating the pioneers coming to Utah Valley and settling a dessert into a beautiful place to live. I had to work half a day on Friday but spent the other half secluded in my sewing room sewing these blocks together. It turned out a little dark to me so I think I will have the quilter use a light gold thread which I think will add a little life to it. None of the blacks are solid blacks but they sure look like it in the picture.

I'm pretty sure the young man who gets it will love it after I tell him the story behind why I picked certain fabrics etc. The bright fabric is soccer fabric.

This next quilt is another Buggy Barn quilt that I'm making for another young man who recently graduated from High School. You can see I have the 14 12 inch blocks completed. The 4 inch blocks aren't squared up yet so you can see how uneven they are when sewn together before they are squared up. The 8 inch blocks are stacked and ready to sew. The pattern is called "My Three Stars" from the Buggy Barn Star Crossing book. I do enjoy their patterns.
My son-in-laws sister is getting married the end of August and her colors are going to be blue and orange. I found this fabric and had to have it. In the picture it sort of looks peach but it is orange. I think I will try to make a Rail Fence like I saw in a blogging friends site. (Quilt Sue I hope it is as easy as it looks on your blog. The only thing I am worried about is making the half rail fences around the main part of the top. It may be a little hit and miss to get the correct size.)

Back to work today. I plan on working on the last of the star blocks tonight.
Happy Quilting! Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

wow Lynda, you work very fast! I really like the dark colours, especially since it's going to be for a young man. And I like the orang/blue fabrics for you next quilt. I'm in an orange phase as well at the moment. Never really liked it before but now I do ;).

Brenda said...

Go, Lynda!

QuiltSue said...

Don't worry about the half-blocks, you make full size and then cut them down once youve sewn the top together. Just don't forget to leave your seam allowance so you can add the border.

Let me know if you need any help.

Helen said...

Great quilt Lynda! Gee, ANOTHER block I want to try!

Love the orange and blue fabrics too!

Happy Sewing!