Monday, August 2, 2010

As time goes by......

I have been working on 2 quilts this past week. The orange and blue one is going together so easily. Just 9 inch blocks in blue and rail fence in orange and cream. I should be able to get it finished this week easily and off to the quilter.

This fuzzy picture is part of the Star quilt. The center of the quilt is completely put together and now I just need to add the 2 borders and off it goes to the quilter too. I do like having a couple of projects going at the same time especially when they are so different from each other.
I've been blogging for a year now so I'm thinking of something to give away for my very first give away. Will post more later on that. I can't believe I have been blogging a whole year already and that I enjoy it so much. I've met some good blogging friends and been inspired by what everyone does. It started out as a way to keep track of the quilts I make but has ended up a fun past time for me.
Happy Quilting! Lynda


Helen said...

I just LOVE the orange and blue quilt - the colours are great together! The star quilt is beautiful too!

Happy Sewing!

Kim said...

I was looking for more pictures of Ellie :0)........
Congratulations Grandma!
How many grandbabies do you have?

I just have one my little Lily here in my picture with me.

Happy sewing

Mrs Moen said...

Hi Lynda! I too love the orange and blue WIP; is it for someone special? I'm so impressed that you are keeping up the pace even through the summer. I guess it's best not to stop as I'm having a hard time getting into my groove again.

Happy blogaversary coming up; it looks like we started around the same time.-)