Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nothing to do is BORING

So I was ordered to do nothing for a couple of weeks. Doing nothing is really difficult! My 3 daughters took turns taking care of me, cooking, cleaning, entertaining me until yesterday. Now I'm on my own but I feel great. I know, I know, don't overdo it (I've been told by numerous people). Believe me I am eating better than I ever did before the surgery thanks to wonderful neighbors and my daughters cooking for 2 days and freezing me meals for the next long while.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While I was resting I put the binding on a couple of quilts I had prepared before the surgery. The first one is "Uniform Wonkyness" made from the worn out scrubs of Natalie, a co worker.

Didn't it turn out amazing! I know she is going to love it.
I tried to include some of the pockets with the name brand attached.

The quilting was done by American Quilting, a quilt store just a few blocks from my home.

We put Minke on the back. When I saved out a uniform in teal for the binding we hadn't decided on the back yet. The teal and navy clash a little but that just makes it more wonky.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This 2nd quilt is 1 of 2 that I made a few months ago. Finally got around to putting the binding on one of them. I love the flannel back that has the same bright pink and lime green. Toma, of Orem, did the quilting with lots of loops and flowers.

You probably recognize this fabric, my friend Janine and I have made 4 or 5 quilts out of it so far. When Janine buys fabric she wants to make sure she has enough!!
I sure have missed my sewing room and can't wait to get back down there to do some serious sewing again. A life of leisure sure gets boring quickly.
Happy Quilting to you all. Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

So good to have you back in blog land. And you have been busy again. I love the wonky Uniform quilt and your bright pink and lime green one too. The quilting on that one is really makes the flowers stand out, doesn't it? Take good care of yourself! Vreni x

quilary said...

Nice to see you back with some beautiful work to show for you time off. I love the pink and lime and also noticed how the flowers look so 'rounded' with the quilting.The candy stripe binding is pretty cute too!

QuiltSue said...

Good to have you back and to hear that you're ffeling good.

Binding is always good for when you either don't want to or aren't supposed to do anything too strenuous, specially if it's winter and you can put a good film on to watch.

Brenda said...

Hope you're resting well and not too bored. The quilts are beautiful!

Pokey said...

Hi, Lynda! Uniform Wonkyness is a great finish! Has your friend you are giving it to seen it yet? I'm sure she'll love it like we all do. I also like the flowers in pink and lime, and you know I love the pattern. I've sat and drawn it out, just not sewn a square together.
You are being prayed for, my friend. Just so much business her kept me from saying hi. I'm glad you feel like sewing, that's a good sign!