Friday, November 4, 2011

Retreat was a real treat!

Myrna's quilt top that she worked on all day. Then she started the borders.....oodles of 2inch squares sewn together.

These pumpkins greet us every year on our climb up the stairs to Suzanne's quilting room. AND every year I say I'm going to make some of those next year!!!

Maybell showing a darling 4 patch and square in a square baby quilt. She also had a beautiful quilt in blue with the most amazing back (no I neglected to get a picture) :(

Claudia, Nancy and Alice busily working on projects.

Claudia with a cut finger still managing to make a big dent in her projects. She finished the vest she is wearing. Judy and Alice sewing and laughing in the back.

Suzanne, showing off her striped socks was binding a quilt and Dee was working on applique.

Myrna admiring Patti's Dresden Plate.

And of ourse.....there is always delicious food.

Alice and Judy taking a break from their projects to admire Dee's applique. This is the 2nd panel of 3 that will go into a quilt. Dee and Suzanne are champion appliquers. I brought some to work on so they could help me learn.....but never got around to doing any of it. I spent the whole time binding 1 quilt!

Dee explaining how "easy" it is to applique.

Nancy sharing the quilt top she finished.

And a couple of quilters spent a long time helping Nancy arrange and rearrange her Sampler quilt blocks.

A big thank you to Suzanne for sharing her home with us a couple of times a year for quilt retreats. She has quilts hanging everywhere and on every bed and couch.

Would you believe I didn't even take a picture of the quilt I was binding! Tomorrow I'll show you the finished quilt.

Now I just want to lie down and take a rest.

Happy Quilting! Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

It seems a wonderful time has been had by all and lots of work was done as well.

Nina Lise Moen said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing. I would have loved to have that quilting room...

mshilly said...

thanks for posting the pictures - I didn't take any. So glad that you enjoyed the day.

soldes said...

Great fabric work is going on with fun. We also had wonderful time which we pass with grand mother. Giving a new patterns to all quilt is awesome.