Sunday, November 20, 2011

A little of this.....a little of that

The other day my boss, Dr. McBee, needed to borrow my car. He rides his bike to the office quite often and he forgot he was taking another doctor out to lunch. We figured he wouldn't want to ride on the handlebars. So...............After taking lots of picture of Ellie during our visit this week....this is what I found...............
wait for it..........


I know..................funny guy.

I gave this quilt to a young man in my neighborood named Harrison. He is such a quiet young man but is such a strong, gospel centered young man too. Whenever I give a quilt to someone I tell them why I picked the colors and the pattern. I figured the creams were indicitive of his calm and quiet nature and the red depicts his strong love for our Savior. You can see by the smile on his face that he was happy to get a nice warm quilt since it is cold outside.

We went to visit our daughter and her family this week....again. Luckily her husband doesn't get tired of our visits.....yet. Ellie's favorite place to play is the bottom step. She carried this bag around most of the day filling it with her toys and taking them out to line them up on the step.

Here she is digging to the very bottom to get everything out.

She is at that age where she wants to try everyones shoes on. When I got ready to leave I found cheerios and toys in my shoes.

We brought these cute pink furry feet slippers for her. The toes are painted with bright pink polish.

We found this gyro bowl for her. It is amazing. It really doesn't spill no matter how she carries it. However, she likes to take all the cheerios out and line them up.

She has discovered her tongue. She was probably making raspberries (that's what we call it) with her grandpa.

Here she is reading a pop-up book with Grandpa.

Maybe this week I'll get back into my sewing room.

Happy Quilting! Lynda


Angie @ Summerfield Quilts said...

Lynda Ellie is absolutely adorable. If I had my way I'd have grandchildren already, but I'm learning to be patient. Dr. McBee looks like a hoot, and that is a beautiful quilt that you gifted Harrison. It's very special and he does look very happy. Thanks for sharing.

Oops-Lah said...

Yes, what a cutie your granddaughter is. It looks like she has wrapped everybody around her little finger including Grandpa ;). And another of your lovely quilts found a new owner. You are too much!!! And your boss looks nice by the way. I think I would also work for him!

Nicky and Patrick said...

Love having you come up!!!