Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A FREE quilt? Really?

I am a bit cheap  frugal.  
Example:  When our Bee goes on a shop hop, Suzanne has purchased several laundry baskets and put our names on them so when we buy something we can throw it in our basket and then when we are done no one has to search for their bags.  My basket is always the least filled!
No kidding.  I only buy fabric when I know what I am going to make with it and not much extra either.
Therefore, when I have left over fabrics they are small pieces, none of this 1/2 yard or more stuff for me.
So.......when I can make a 2nd quilt using left over fabric I feel like it is a FREE quilt since I didn't purchase the fabrics just for that particular quilt.

This quilt is from left over fabric from a couple of Twister quilts I made last year.  Therefore....it is free.

 I am always amazed that when I sew I think I am making perfect 1/4 inch seams so all my blocks SHOULD be the same size.  Never are!  The trimmings are slightly different on each block.  Some trims are mere threads and others are close to 1/4 inch!  Can you imagine how far off your quilt would be if you didn't square up those blocks?
 Here are 30 Disappearing 9 Patch blocks all squared up and ready to sew together.
 Don't know why I bother putting them up on the design wall to make sure same fabrics aren't together.
It never seems to work anyway!
 Horizontal rows all sewn together.  I'm sure I'll have them pressed and sewn together later today or tomorrow.  These are big blocks........13 inches square so it is going together quickly.
On another topic:  My friend, Janine, had a birthday yesterday.  I made these small design boards for her.  Aren't they cute?  I love going to Lori Holt's blog, Bee in my Bonnet, and seeing what fun things she has done.  She has a tutorial on making these boards.  They go together quickly with a tiny bit of sewing and a lot of gluing.  Be aware tho.......they are addictive.  I see several more of these in my future.  Can you imagine how nice they will be for keeping blocks together (Like Buggy Barn blocks).  They can even be stacked so your cat can't mess them up.  Perfect size to take to quilt retreats or Bee's to keep projects together too.

Best get dinner in the crockpot so I can head back to my sewing room.

Happy Quilting!                 Lynda

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Josie said...

Your 'free' quilt is gorgeous Lynda... wish I could take you fabric shopping with me.... reckon you'd help me avoid those expensive mistakes! Have you ever thought of hiring out as a Personal Shopper... I'd book you :o) Thanks for the link to that great tutorial for design boards. The girls and I are off on retreat next weekend... I figure I'll try to make some as little retreat gifts for them What have you started...:o)))