Friday, December 19, 2014

Pinterest Quilts gets too much of my time!

 Since I retired (love that word!) I spend a little too much time on Pinterest looking at quilts.
I found a Disappearing 9 Patch  that I knew was perfect for all my leftover
black, white and red fabrics from a couple of
Twister quilts.
So I sewed together 30 of these large blocks.....
 Cut them, turned a couple sections, and sewed them back together.
 Just playing with a couple of ideas on placement.
 Several weeks ago my friend, Janine, had me take a Swoon quilt class with her.
We made 2 blocks for her quilt but she hasn't finished it yet.
I decided I better make one for myself as a practice block for when she
calls and says she can't remember how to make it.
The class made it seem like a really difficult block but when I tried it myself,
I found that it was quite simple.  
This one will probably turn into a table topper.

I took 3 quilts to the quilter last week and she called today to say 2 of them were done
I had not made the back of the 3rd one quite big enough.
How does that happen?  I measure, remeasure, cut, sew, measure again......

Happy Quilting!                   Lynda


Brenda said...

That block does look difficult! You are so clever. So glad you are enjoying your retirement!

Oops-Lah said...

haha, you make me laugh! These things always happen to me. I measure and measure and the back still ends up too small! Glad to be in good company. Love your disappearing 9 patch and the swoon block is great, although I don't think you really needed a class for that ;)!!!

Cheryll said...

Oh no.... I see an addition to the backing in your future!
Merry Xmas xox

Auntie Em said...

Very nice combination of the black white and red. We all make those cutting mistakes at one time or another.

QuiltSue said...

I love your Swoon block. Do I see a scrappy backing in your future (for quilt 3)?

Pokey said...

I like the swoon, I keep thinkin' I'll tackle it one day. Your d9patch is clever, those little red squares pop! No worries about the measuring flub, who hasn't done that? My mistake is usually a wasteful one, with way too much fabric.
I like pinterest, too, I'll have to look for your spot. Seems Like there is always something there to draw me away from great productivity!