Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why oh why don't I learn from the past and plan ahead!

 Yes, I never seem to learn!  Once again I bought fabric without making sure I had the border fabrics.  By the time I finally was ready to add borders, fabrics were sold out every where I went so I had to use 2 different fabrics for the borders.  Of course, they are from the same line and they do look good together but maybe I should have mitered the corners.  (Again I am second guessing my decisions.  Does anyone else do that?)
 You can see how they look at the corners.  I do love this quilt!  
I am pretty sure the graduating young woman who is receiving this will love it too.
I also finished this great Churn Dash quilt in mostly Lexington by Moda fabrics in that lovely indigo blue color.  I just love this.  I put the blocks up on my design wall, mixed and mixed and placed and replaced but still came up with lots of the same fabrics close to each other. I love this quilt too.  (Does anyone ever NOT LIKE a quilt they make?)  Sometimes I have a hard time giving away a quilt........until I see the joy on someone's face when they get it.

Now to take them to a quilter.

I'm heading out today to use some of the gift certificates I got at retirement for more fabric.  I have a couple more quilts in the planning that I just have to make.  I wonder if I will ever get to the point when I am done planning quilts or making quilts or just going to the fabric store to feel the fabrics?
I sure hope not!

Happy Quilting!                             Lynda


Oops-Lah said...

Oh yes, that sound very familiar. But you found an excellent way to solve your border problem and I'm sure the recipient will indeed love it. Also your churn dash quilt is lovely. I think blue and white is never going out of fashion. I hope you had a successful shopping day.

Nicky and Patrick said...

They are beautiful Mom! I love how the top one turned out and I haven't even seen any of the churn dash put together. So pretty!

QuiltSue said...

But many people say that not planning ahead gives you more chance to be creative!

I love the churn dash quilt too.

As for your last question, nope, you will probably never ever stop designing/planning/thinking about quilts and fabrics? Nope, shouldn't think so!

Brenda said...

Love churn dash blocks! And they are gorgeous in these colors!