Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Glow!

A few years ago I watched way too many decorating shows. We decided to recarpet the upstairs so I decided it was time to paint the walls upstairs too. My bedroom ended up with 3 stripes horizontally around the stripe is golden yellow, middle stripe is pumpkin and the bottom stripe is ripe apricot. Blue seemed a nice complement to all those warm colors. This quilt is one of my favorites too. It is machine quilted. It was fairly easy to make. I love the border in the top picture and it is more true to actual color. I used navy blue drapes with the same golden yellow color draped scarf over the top. You probably can't see but there is a deep maroon paisley swirl in the quilt so I had a friend make me a huge box type headboard that I covered in the same deep maroon color. To top it all off....the bed is in the middle of the room! Yes, I told you I watched way too many decorating shows. The room is pretty large so the bed in the middle looks good. Behind the headboard is a big dresser which gives us a dressing area close to the bathroom. My friend, Janine, calls it an "orange" bedroom but I always have to correct her and say it is a warm pumpkin. I painted the bathroom walls pumpkin also. When the light shines in through the window in the morning.....I glow! Makes me look good....for awhile.


Mrs Moen said...

I want a quilt that makes me glow too! Your bedroom sounds great; mine is so cramped that we can barely walk around the bed. Grandson's bed takes up quite a bit of space, and we have nowhere else for him to sleep at the moment; the stairs up to the 2. floor are way to dangerous for him yet.
The room always looks better with a nice quilt on the bed though.

QuiltSue said...

I love that quilt.