Monday, September 7, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I entered a blog contest from Tina Craig of Seaside Stitches. I actually won! Yea, ME. You can find all her cute things at A week ago I came home from work and there on the table was a package for me. You can see most of it above. What's missing? The bag of Savannah taffy. My husband decided that the sweets were for him. As you can see, I got a Savannah thimble and pen and cute suitcase tags and a pin made by Tina. The fabrics are so bright and cheerful I know I'll always be able to pick out which suitcase is mine on the conveyor belt. The pin is only an inch and a half! Can you believe that? It is so cute and I love the colors. Thank you, Tina, I love my gifts.

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