Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome Autumn

I have mentioned before that I really miss being able to go to my Quilt group now that I work full time. I miss the laughter, sharing of ideas and lives, and close friendship that is developed between women who have quilting in common. I really look forward to retiring in a couple of years so I can attend again. I still try to take time off of work when we have a retreat so I can catch up on their families and all their quilting projects.
Several years ago one of my quilting friends, Laurie, and I went shopping for the fabrics for this quilt. She helped me pick out fabrics because at that time I felt like I wasn't very good at that process. Since then I have learned that I need to pick out the main fabric and pull all the colors from that for the rest of the quilt. We found these Moda fabrics and it only took me a few days to complete the quilt top. The pumpkins and vines are machine appliqued on the borders. This quilt is a table topper from September through November in my dining room.
Welcome Autumn.

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Guðrún said...

It looks great, there is something about these stars that I always love.