Sunday, September 20, 2009

A New Camera...Bright Pink Toenails....Table Toppers

This small quilt or table topper is for Valentine's Day. The hearts were from an exchange we had in our Quilt Bee and the small one is called Hugs and Kisses that we made at one of our quilt retreats.

I enjoy using Table runners for the different holidays. This one is very small with raw edges and a green floss running stitch holding it together around the edge. There are shamrock buttons and fur mustache.

This one is for Easter. The rabbits were paper pieced. I put a small white basket full of Easter eggs in the middle. As you can see, it has been put away folded and needs to be ironed before its next use. My daughter, Nicky, says she doesn't like the pink eyes, thinks they should be black I guess.

Sometimes it is such fun to just make a small runner or quilt that is finished in a couple of days and I can quilt myself. It satisfies a need to create something to enjoy right now.
By the way, the rumor of me getting a camera for my birthday from some of my children happened yesterday even tho my birthday isn't for a couple of weeks. A big Thank you to my children!! Two of my daughters and I got together for a mother/daughter day. We went looking for a good camera while the 3rd daughter was on the phone with us and on the computer helping us find the best one for me for the best deal. It was fun. Now I have a very nice Canon that probably does things I don't know yet. My first pictures were of my daughters and me getting a pedicure. It was a first for me and I quite enjoyed it. When I figure out how to put the picture on the computer...I'll show you a picture. I really enjoy our Mother/Daughter vacations together and look forward to whatever we do together. Having us spread out from Utah to Oklahoma and Illinois makes it difficult to get together often but we sure have fun when we do. Any of you who haven't had a pedicure before, I recommend that you do. This is probably the first time in 50 years that I have had bright pink toenails with white daisies on them!
Thanks for stopping by. Lynda


Mrs Moen said...

Congrats on your new camera, and happy upcoming birthday to you!

Mother/daughter time really is the best, and when grandkids are added to the familiy, it gets even more precious!

So, where are the pink toenails??

Brenda said...

Fun times! It makes raising those kids totally worth it!